La Pontiga Apartments in Infiesto – Where to Stay in Asturias

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When we looked for where to stay in Asturias, we looked at Asturias hotels close to Congas de Onis and the lakes of Covadonga, where we found La Pontiga Apartments, a cute boutique establishment in a small town called Infiesto.


We tend to book more apartments than hotels. We like both of course, but apartments have additional benefits for families like ours. For example, the kids have more space, there’s a washing machine for dirty laundry and we get a kitchen/dining area to have our meals as we like.

Our apartment rentals usually fall in the budget or mid-range category. However, during week-three of our big road trip through northern Spain, we tried something a little different for us: La Pontiga Apartments.

La Pontiga Apartments isn’t one of your usual Asturias hotels, nor are they a typical family travel apartment rental, either. These are boutique apartments — like a luxury hotel room, but larger.

La Pontiga Apartments

When we booked, we actually thought it was more like an Airbnb-style. However, when you walk into the reception of La Pontiga Apartments, you feel like you are in a well-run bed and breakfast. The reception itself is in a tiny spot under the stairwell. The lounge is large, stylish and empty, and in the back, there’s a huge garden and private parking for guests.

Welcome snacks greeted us in the reception area. Every time the kids passed by, they grabbed a few candies. I admonished their sweet tooth and told them to control themselves, but Raquel, the proprietor would have none of it (“Tranquilo!” and a pat on my forearm was her reply).

Our Room

Instead of taking the elevator, we walked the stairs of La Pontiga Apartments so we could admire the antiques on display. Our floor had only four apartments — ours faced the town’s main road.  Up until then, we still had no idea what kind of “apartment” we were getting.

As you walk in, the living room/kitchen area is to your right, while the bathroom and bedrooms are off to the left. Plenty of Spain’s long summer daylight poured in as half the front wall was windows (there were light-proof curtains as well). We didn’t need to turn on a light until 9 pm!

The kitchen is fully equipped, including stove, fridge, and microwave. How many Asturias hotels have a kitchen like this? All the pots, pans and cutlery we needed were there, and then some. Most items of La Pontiga Apartments seemed new — a few of them still in their wrapping. Perhaps few previous guests had cooked here before. It’s possible that most people either eat at one of the many highly rated restaurants in the area.

A small staircase by the TV leads you out to a small balcony overlooking the park in front of the hotel. We left this balcony door open during dinner to let in the cool mountain breeze and the children’s laughter from the park across the street.


In the bathroom, the shower pressure was perfect. However, Keiko and I were not crazy about the shower door — and this wasn’t the first time. In most of the many places we’ve stayed during this road trip, we’ve noticed that shower curtains are rare. Instead, they have glass panel installed.

In our opinion, most of these panels are not large or long enough. They only cover half the shower, which means that water inevitably splashes out somewhere (only in Santiago de Compostela did the panel cover about 80%). La Pontiga Apartments had this same type of shower door. This meant that we had to be careful when we showered so that the toilet itself wouldn’t get wet.  Not a major (or uncommon) problem, but worth mentioning.


The main bedroom of La Pontiga Apartments was loft-style, with a double bed on the main floor and a single bed up a small flight of stairs by the bedroom door. This bedroom also had a great remote-controlled skylight window, as well. Both beds were very comfortable, and the sofa bed in the living room was one of the nicest I’ve ever laid on. It also had a unique fold-out method that I won’t get into detail with here. The staff showed us how to operate it (it’s easy) in seconds.

There was a large wooden closet by the main bed with many of nice wooden hangers to hang your shirts and trousers. In the loft, there was a small chest drawers large enough for our girl to place her clothes for the days we were there. She loved having her own space.

Why La Pontiga Apartments?

La Pontiga Apartments are located in the small town of Infiesto. By car, this is about 45 minutes from Oviedo and less than two hours from Leon and Santander (and about 15 minutes from the Cider Museum, too). We decided on La Pontiga Apartments over other Asturias hotels in the area because it was about 30 minutes to Congas de Onis, where we took a bus to Lakes of Covadonga in the Picos de Europa.

Infiesto is one of those charming little Spanish towns where everyone knows everyone. They greet each other at the supermarket and their kids walk to the playground by themselves.

There’s a playground right across the street from La Pontiga Apartments actually. If you’re interested in meeting local families, this seemed to be a meeting place. Not that you need a playground, however. Behind La Pontiga Apartments is a beautiful garden with enough room for a small mob of tykes to play tag.

Inside, there are plump leather chairs and the kind of homey-chic antiques and bric-a-brac that you wish your rich uncle left you in his will. Most of the cool stuff is large, rugged and clunky: grandfather clocks, antique trunks and old transistor radios. No teetering glass vases or fragile sculptures that would terrify a parent of toddlers.


When we first arrived, we met with the proprietor, Raquel. She led us into the private parking lot beside the apartments and then gave us all the info on what to see and do in the area. She drew maps, told stories (in Spanish), and had us entertained for maybe 20 minutes. We left the front desk with more itineraries than we would ever be able to fit into our three days in the area.

She gave us all the usual tourist brochures and maps, but mostly we just followed her hand-drawn maps and drove down small roads through village after village. We went to the fishing village of Llastres and to the dinosaur museum nearby. Then we came back, walked to the grocery store a block away, and cooked a leisurely dinner in our apartment’s stocked kitchen.

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Other places we stayed during the road trip

Before La Pontiga, we had stayed in one hotel in Ourense, one (fantastic) guesthouse in Asturias and four AirBnB apartment rentals: in ToledoSalamancaLeon, and Santiago de Compostela. We recommend all of these without hesitation.

Have You Stayed at La Pontiga Apartments?

Have you been to northern Spain with kids? Did you happened to stay at La Pontiga Apartments? Can you recommend any hotels in Asturias? We loved the area so much we plan to return. Where do you prefer to stay when you travel with family: hotels, apartments, or somewhere else?

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