Atlanta Movie Tours Review: Pics & Clips from Our Movie Location Tour

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If you get anything out of this Atlanta Movie Tours review, I hope it’s that cinema can be transformative. Sure, it can transform lives, but I’m talking transformative in the most literal sense. Movies transform both ordinary and extraordinary places into something never seen before.

Atlanta Movie Tours Marriot Spiderman Homecoming

The Vulture approaches in Spiderman Homecoming — Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Atlanta Movie Tours Review

We were hosted by Atlanta Movie Tours for a far-reaching locations visit. As we visited movie locations in Atlanta, we saw empty lots become Nigerian street markets, and hotel lobbies become hovercraft launch pads. Our tour of Atlanta movie and TV show locations opened our eyes to how an ordinary street corner can become the backdrop to some of our favorite movies.


Atlanta Movie Tours Review Movie Location Tour PIN 1

We’re in the US of A this month to visit family, and while we’re here, I really wanted to take a movie locations tour. We love visiting historical sites and we love getting creative and using our hands. We also love a little adventure, whether it’s flying over canyons or perhaps swimming through them.

That’s why I thought visiting the filming locations of some of our favorite actions movies might be fun.

In the years I’ve been away, my hometown has become one of the hottest filming locations in the world. Knowing this, I was sure that the kids would enjoy seeing the shooting locations of some of the best action movies of the past decade.

Including these three scenes from Spiderman Homecoming: Timecodes: 0:39 Spiderman stops a bike thief — 0:51 Spiderman thwarts an ATM robbery — 01:25 Vulture descends (see in the image above)

“Hollywood South”

As I prepared to write this Atlanta Movie Tours review, I looked back at how much the city has changed since I moved abroad in 1997. I grew up in and around Atlanta until my mid-20’s, and we return regularly to visit friends and family. Little did I know that during this time, Atlanta grew into the “Hollywood of the South.” Over the past 10 years, many box office hits filmed downtown and elsewhere in Georgia.

Recognize any of these?

  • The Hunger Games
  • Fast & Furious
  • Divergent

Many of the films in these series shot in Atlanta.

Oh, and perhaps you’ve heard of Marvel Comics? Many of their movies shoot here too, including these fan favorites:

  • Captain America
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Avengers
  • Black Panther
  • Ant-Man
  • Thor

“Movie Money in Atlanta”

These are just a few of the many movies and TV shows being produced (all or in part) in Atlanta today. In fact, the city’s cinematic sector has poured over 9.5 billion dollars into the city in 2017 alone.

That’s billion…with a B.

Are you or your kids a fan of any of these movies? Then we suggest visiting Atlanta Movie Tours and visit the places where the magic happens.

Atlanta Movie Tours take you to the locations where blockbuster movies like these were filmed. In fact, three of their many specialized tours focus exclusively on the Walking Dead, which also films in Georgia. The kids and I aren’t zombie fans, but we love science fiction and most of the movies based on Marvel Comics.

That’s why choosing the Hero Tour was a no-brainer.

Location: Atlanta Movie Tours Review

atlanta movie tours review office and souvenir shop

Atlanta movie tours review tour bus tour van

Atlanta Movie Tours is located downtown and not far from the new Mercedes Benz football stadium. It’s about a 15-minute walk from two MARTA train stations (CNN Center or Five Points). Or you can drive and park nearby.

Their office has room to wait and plenty of movie memorabilia to see. Plenty of souvenirs, as well. Just keep in mind that a lot of it is for fans of the Walking Dead, so it’s zombie-centric and could be scary for the littlest ones.

After a brief introduction at their main offices, our guide Patrick told us about what we’d be seeing. Then he showed us a few clips of some of the places we’d visit. Then we walked out the front door and across the street.

The Hero Tour: Atlanta Movie Tours Review

Atlanta Movie Tous Review_Captain_America-Civil_War_filming_in_Atlanta

The Nigerian Market from Captain America: Civil War. Shot just across the street from Atlanta Movie Tours. Image courtesy of Wiki Commons 

Already, we were into movie set territory. Just across the street from Atlanta Movie Tours Office is where several key scenes in Captain America: Civil War were filmed. This empty rail yard was actually where several cinematic accomplishments took place.

That included part of the major battle scene set in Lagos, Nigeria in Captain America: Civil War. We would see more locations from this scene later on. Patrick explained how the Nigerian market was set up. In addition to a huge set, large inflatable green screens helped make a near-empty lot in the USA look like a bustling African market.

Then it was into a tour bus for a ride through downtown. Patrick used a video monitor in the van to show us clips as we rolled slowly through downtown. Every few minutes, he would point out an unremarkable corner or sidewalk. After viewing a quick clip on the monitor, we were standing in the same place as Spiderman, Ant-Man and the villain from Black Panther.

Timecode 1:01 — where the villain puts on a mask before blowing up a wall

Our Favorite Locations: Atlanta Movie Tours Review

Our favorite location was Atlanta’s Marriott Marquis Hotel. Standing in the lobby here, 30 floors of balconies rose in front of us. They curved organically, like the inside of a colossal seashell.

This was the location of two movies we loved: Spiderman Homecoming and Hunger Games Catching Fire. Patrick made time for us to get pics at both the bottom and at the top of the elevator.

atlanta movie tours review elevator spiderman hunger games

We also drove by the Atlanta Christian Church, which was the location of the funeral scene in Captain America: Civil War. There was also the parking lot where Captain America recruited Ant-Man, the scene of an explosion scene in the Black Panther trailer, and more than a few more scenes from Spiderman Homecoming. This included where Spidey caught a bike thief and where he fought off bank robbers (see videos above for time codes).

The Magic of Cinema: Atlanta Movie Tours Review

atlanta movie tours review patrick guide

These ordinary street corners mean nothing until you see them transformed by the moviemaking process. Patrick explained how they shoot scenes like this and then treat them with CG and other effects. Traffic is diverted. Fake signs and subway entrances are added. Green screens are erected.

This makes movie location tours much more interesting than simply looking at a wall or sidewalk and imagining what happened. In retrospect, I might have tried to watch a few of these movies again just before the tour. Then they would be fresh on our mind. That said, having Patrick show us the scene in question on a screen was more than enough to spark the awe.

For example, the parking lot of the Atlanta Civic Center deserves nothing more than a shrug on its own. Then Patrick showed us clips that filmed exactly where we stood. Where the truck crashed through a gate. Where Captain America flew out a window. Which walls smashed and which walls were fake. Then we watch the film clip and it all comes together.

Avengers HQ: Atlanta Movie Tours Review

Atlanta movie tours review tour bus tour van

One of the final stops on our Atlanta Movie Tour was further south and away from downtown Atlanta. We drove by the Avengers’ Base, which in real life is the US Headquarters for Porsche. The building is just as sleek and futuristic as it looks in the movies.

To pass the time driving there and back, Patrick regaled us stories about being an extra in movies. Movies filing in Atlanta are always looking for extras, and he and his kids had been in many of them. He was on the set of Ant-Man and the Walking Dead for example and can be seen very prominently in Anchorman.

Atlanta movie tours review base camp set signs

He told us trivia about the Marvel movies and the fictional HQ we just saw. Then there were the little yellow signs pointing to parking lots nearby. These, he said, led to base camps for movie sets, where the crew and cast filmed or waited to shoot the next scene. The signs always had ambiguous text on them: secret codes for which movie, as sometimes there is more than one movie being filmed at the same time. If you simply write “Avengers” on the sign, hundreds of people could show up looking for Robert Downey Junior’s autograph. Therefore, subtlety is required.

At last, we headed back to the Atlanta Movie Tours offices. After tipping our guides, we said farewell. If you love movies then this may be exactly how you’d love to spend an afternoon.

Tips and Info: Atlanta Movie Tours Review

Before finishing this Atlanta Movie Tours review, look over these tips for visiting and then book your tour.

  • Tours vary in price, time and distance covered.
  • The Hero Tour lasts 2.5 hours and costs USD $45 at the time of writing
  • Arrive 30 minutes early and go to the bathroom before you get on the bus. Most tours have a bathroom break later on but get ahead of it.
  • If you go in the summer, don’t forget water and sunscreen. I saw complimentary sunscreen and mosquito repellant in their offices, but come prepared.
  • You can find free parking on the street, but no guarantees. Atlanta Movie Tours provide info on where to park on their site. Arrive early enough to find a spot.
  • They’re very close to the new football stadium, so parking could be worse on game days.

Conclusion: Atlanta Movie Tours Review

Atlanta Movie Tours Review Marriot

I hope that this Atlanta Movie Tours review is helpful. Have you taken a movie location tour before? Where? What did you see?

What movie locations would you most like to see?


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Disclaimer: Our Hero Tour was provided by Atlanta Movie Tours. That said, everything you see here is just my personal opinion. I only recommend places, activities, and gear that I believe will genuinely help my readers. We loved our Hero Tour with Atlanta Movie Tours, and hope that you will too.