EER025: Family Gap Year Itinerary

Meet Bliss Broyard, a writer, author and Brooklyn resident who recently returned from an extended journey around the world with her family. Her husband’s sabbatical year from a New York university became an opportunity for the kids to leave school for nine months and travel with their parents through Africa, Asia and the sub-continent. Family Gap Year Itinerary Here Bliss talks […]

EER024: Starting Out, Family Travel Gear & more

Meet Andrew, Brenda and Bailey Tolentino, a family of three from New York City now in the midst of an indefinite journey around the world. Andrew and Brenda traveled a lot before their daughter was born, and when their careers hit a snag, they decided to leave the Big Apple and take Bailey to see more of […]

EER023: Coffee, Rick Steves, Travel with Teens

Travel with little kids has its challenges, but travel with teens requires a different approach. Meet Gretchen Richter and Rodrigo DeMedeiros, a couple who left Seattle, Washington to take the family on a year-long, round-the-world trip. Coffee, Rick Steves, Travel with Teens Rodrigo is an impressive photographer and videographer, and the family’s video series is definitely worth checking out (the Buenos […]

EER022: Gap Years, Family Travel Insurance & more

Gap years, family travel insurance and more — from mid-life crisis to mid-life opportunity! When Nick Johnson turned 40, he and his wife Sam made a radical decision: instead of buying a bigger house, a new car or some other similar purchase, they instead decided to rent their house, fill two backpacks and hit the road with […]

EER021.2: Best Family Travel Podcast eps 11-20

Listen in our best family travel podcast for some of the best travel advice. I hope this was as fun for you to listen to as it was for me to make. The first twenty episodes of Epic Education Radio are packed with some of the best family travel advice, insight and inspiration — choosing […]

EER021.1: Highlights & Top Family Travel Tips ep1-10

Who wants some top family travel tips? Twenty episodes of Epic Education Radio — wow. I’ve learned so much from my guests about family travel, and I hope you have, too. For this episode, I highlight a few of the top family travel tips that I’ve learned from each guest. Every family I’ve interviewed has a […]

EER020.2: Single Dad, Gay Family Travel (part two)

 Last week you heard part one of my conversation with Talon Windwalker, a man with a unique story and perspective on family travel. A single, gay father with a teen, Talon and his son, Tigger have been all over the world, traveling and living abroad since 2008. Single Dad, Gay Family Travel (part two) Talon is […]

EER020.1: Single-Dad, Gay Family Travel

Talon Windwalker is a pretty amazing guy. After years of caring for the sick and the dying as a chaplain and hospice care worker, he adopted his son — the “cute, blonde ball of nervous energy” known online as Tigger — and set forth into the world, traveling the globe since 2011. Single-Dad, Gay Family […]

EER019: World Travel Family & Simple Life Romania

Alyson Long is part of a truly World Travel Family. In June 2013, she and her two young sons left her adoptive home of Port Douglas, Australia with one-way tickets to Malaysia. Her husband caught up with them soon after, and since then the family has been through Southeast Asia, India and Sri Lanka, the Americas and Europe, using London as a […]

EER018: Full-time RV Family Travel in the USA

 RV family travel can be an amazing way to travel with kids. Just ask the Boyinks, an American family of four who left a traditional suburban life in 2010 to explore the USA full-time by RV. In this Epic Education Interview, I talk with Michael and Crissa Boyink, parents to Harrison (18y/o) and Miranda (16y/o) about what […]