Baruna Villas Review: Great Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan

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If you’re looking for great family villas in Indonesia, then check out this Baruna Villas review. It might change your opinion of family travel in Gili Trawangan. It certainly did for us.

Baruna Villas Review — Excellent Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan
Baruna Villas Review — Excellent Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan pool collage

Baruna Villas Review — Excellent Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan

Baruna Villas Review
Great Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan

We really loved our time exploring Lombok’s Gili Islands with kids. And out of everywhere that we’ve we stayed in the Gilis, Baruna Villas was our favorite by far. These are the same people who run the incredible Rinjani Lodge, and while quite different from the mountain villas, Baruna Villas is also a great place for families.

Calling this a “villa” is a misnomer, actually. It’s really a big house that sleeps up to six people. Well, that’s the official maximum, but if you utilized the sofas and day beds, I think that it could fit 10 comfortably.

Along with the house comes a private staff and semi-private pool. And when I mean semi-private, I mean that you share the pool with one other house on the property.

But be warned: once you check in, your kids may not want to leave. Ours certainly didn’t.

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First Floor — Baruna Villas Review

Baruna Villas Review — Excellent Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan

Step into the foyer and you’ll see the expansive living area and the ceiling two stories up. There is air conditioning at Baruna Villas. However, the high ceiling and multiple industrial-level fans surrounding it made it comfortable without.

In the center of the living area, a large comfy sofa faces the entertainment center. Here you’ll find a huge TV, DVDs and surround-sound speakers. We didn’t watch any TV or movies with surrounding eight speakers, but we did crank David Bowie more than once.

Just behind the sofa is a heavy wooden table that seats six, but there’s room for more people if you wanted. Breakfast is included at Baruna Villas and is served here by the staff who live on the property.

There is also a kitchen, but we never used it. The staff cooked breakfast for us — several egg and pancake combinations, including fresh fruit and (good) coffee. We enjoyed having a huge fridge to keep our drinks cool, though, and there’s free-flowing water from a dispenser as well. A big plus when exploring Indonesia with kids.

Second Floor  — Baruna Villas Review

Baruna Villas Review — Excellent Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan

Baruna Villas Review — Excellent Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan

Walk up the stairs and there’s a third bedroom, also with its own safe, AC and full bath.

It also has a private balcony overlooking the pool. It should be noted that the floor creaked a bit. Those on the first-floor twin room will know when their upstairs neighbors are on the move…unless they’re stealthy.

We all stayed on the ground floor. Keiko and I chose the king-size bed in the master bedroom and the kids slept on twin beds near the pool. Each bedroom has a closet, AC, ceiling fans, a full private bathroom (including a tub in the twin room) and its own patio view of the pool. The master bedroom and upstairs bedroom also had TVs.

We were also pleased to find plenty of plug outlets in every room. There were Indonesian plugs (like Europe’s) and Malaysian plugs (like the UK’s). Thanks to this, we had no family spats over who will charge their gadgets first.

There were always at least three staff available to us. Each was a pleasure to interact with — friendly but not cloying, available but not lurking. In addition to cooking and cleaning, they handled pool and house maintenance.

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Internet at Baruna Villas

There is wifi at Baruna Villas as well, but like most internet on Lombok and the Gili islands, it’s not very strong or fast. In fact, it’s better to keep your expectations low for internet Indonesia-wide. That said, you can check email at Baruna Villas. Just don’t plan on watching many videos or doing much uploading/downloading while you’re there.

Baruna Villas Location

Baruna Villas Review — Excellent Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan Gili T sunrise

Baruna Villas are a bit inland on Gili Trawangan. For us, this was a benefit. Baruna Villas are just far enough away from Gili Trawangan nightlife. Yet they’re just close enough to the beach and the action.

Baruna Villas don’t have their own bicycles, but a bike rental place is just a short walk away if you wish to pedal around. And we recommend pedaling around.

In fact, bicycles are a great way to see Gili Trawangan. Yes, the island is small and completely walkable. That said, the heat and humidity can tire you out quickly. You can cover more distance when biking — especially with kids. And if you visit in the rainy season, bicycles are a good way to avoid stepping into many of the puddles.

Being located closer to the east side of Gili Trawangan was also a plus for us. This meant that we were close to the harbor, and its cafes, restaurants and scuba facilities.

One morning, the boy and I woke up at 5:30 am to see the sunrise. Our slow, sleepy walk to the beach took only 4 minutes. Baruna Villas is also one block away from one of Gili Trawangan’s only cross-island paths. From the front door of Baruna Villas to the sunset on the island’s west side is about 20 minutes on foot (it’s not a big island).

The Pool: Baruna Villas Review

Baruna Villas Review — Excellent Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan pool baruna

Baruna Villa’s pool has two levels: one shallow kiddie pool that cascades into the main pool. Our kids were 11 and 14 during our visit, so they enjoyed jumping from shallow into the deep end. Families with young kids will appreciate having the shallow pool for pre-swimmers.

As I mentioned earlier, the pool is not a private pool. You share it with the neighboring villa. We knew there was someone staying there when we were at Baruna Villas, but we never saw them. This meant that it felt like a private pool for us.

Baruna Villas Review — Excellent Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan

Baruna Villas Review Summary

Want a quick synopsis of our Baruna Villas Review? Here are a few of the main points listed below.

What we liked about Baruna Villas

  • Friendly staff
  • HUGE living space and bedrooms
  • Delicious, filling breakfast and fresh juice

What we loved about Baruna Villas

  • Quiet location: important on Gili Trawangan, which is well-known as a party island
  • Semi-Private Pool
  • Our own sound system

Other things worth mentioning about Baruna Villas

  • We didn’t use the second-floor bedroom. But if you do, keep in mind that your steps can be heard in the bedroom directly below.
  • Baruna Villa doesn’t rent bicycles, but there is a rental shop less than 100 meters to the east.
  • Like most of the Gili’s, the road to Baruna Villas isn’t well lit. You’re safe here, but you don’t want to step into the occasional horse poop, either. Bring a headlamp.

The Final Word: Baruna Villas Review

Few places on Gili Trawangan are as great for families as Baruna Villas. The privacy. The staff. The pool. The location. It’s all laid out in a way that benefits families. And it’s worth checking out.

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