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Traveling to Tokyo? You’ll need one of the best family hotels in Tokyo that suits your need. Finding the best kids friendly hotel in Tokyo is harder than finding a hotel for two people, though.

There are many things to do with kids in Tokyo. Public transportation is clean and punctual, and it’s safe to walk around at night. People are generally helpful even when they don’t speak much of English.

Tokyo is one of the perfect family travel destinations. Still, it’s not an easy task to find a hotel that meets family traveler’s need. Don’t worry. We researched for you. Read on to find one of the best family hotels in Tokyo.

Best Family Hotels in Tokyo, Japan Family Travel

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Best Family Hotels in Tokyo: Japan Family Travel


Where to stay in Tokyo? This is a huge question, because like it or not, a large portion of your time and money are wrapped up in accommodation.

Tokyo is a huge city, and many of the best Tokyo hotels are strategically located. If there is a specific place that is a priority for your family, then you may want to start by looking at accommodation near it.

Otherwise, you may spend extra time on trains, buses or taxis just reaching your destination when you could have been within walking distance.

For example, if you decided to stay in Shinjuku, but wanted to go to Odaiba or Tokyo Disney Land, it will take you around 40-50 minutes one-way to get there as they are on opposite sides of the city.

Best Family Hotels in Tokyo, Japan Family Travel, Japan with kids

The Royal Park Hotel Shiodome

Located within a 3-min walk from Shimbashi station and Shiodome station, the Royal Park Hotel Shiodome may be our top pick out of the best family hotels in Tokyo. The hotel lobby is on the 24th floor, so you can expect an exceptional night view from your room.

The Royal Park Hotel Shiodome is within walking distance of the Ginza shopping area and Hamarikyu gardens. The Yurikamome line will take you out to Odaiba, and using JR train lines, you can be in Yokohama in 15 min.

With the subway, you can easily access Shibuya, Asakusa, and Roppongi using the Ginza line, the Asakusa line, and the Oedo line, respectively. The Tsukiji Fish Market is less than 20 min walking or a 5 min taxi ride.

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Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo

Shangri-La Hotel is another one of the best family hotels in Tokyo, just one minute from the Nihonbashi exit of Tokyo station. The pool is open to any guest older than four, with NO additional charges, which is unlikely in Tokyo. Any kids younger than 16, however, must be accompanied by an adult.

The hotel rents pocket WIFI units (¥1,000 per day) which you can carry around while you are out and have an internet access anywhere in Tokyo. The average rooms here (50 sqm) are much larger than most hotels in Tokyo (20-35 sqm), and babysitting and child care is part of their service if you need it (additional fee apply).

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Tokyo Dome Hotel

Tokyo Dome Hotel should be listed as one of the best family hotels in Tokyo. Less than a 5-min walk from Suidobashi station of the JR Yamanote line, this is part of the “Tokyo Dome City” complex which includes a baseball stadium (home of Tokyo’s Yomiuri Giants), an amusement park and a spa resort.

You can spend a day or two just in the complex, but you came to Tokyo for more than that, right? From here you can be in Akihabara, Ueno or the Imperial Palace in less than 30 min. Koishikawa Korakuen Garden is only five minutes away.

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Best Family Hotels in Tokyo, Japan Family Travel

Shinjuku Washington Hotel

Shinjuku Washington Hotel is another one of the best family hotels located on the west side of Tokyo, about a 5-min walk from Tocho-Mae station of Tokyo Oedo line.

There’s a convenience store on the ground level in case you need anything. They also have laundry facilities — not common in Japan hotels — but this works well for travelers who don’t carry much. The laundry, however, is located its new building: the Shinjuku Washington Hotel Annex.

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Hotel Rose Garden Shinjuku

Hotel Rose Garden Shinjuku is right next to Nishi Shinjuku station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, and one of the best family hotels in Tokyo because of its affordable price.

They have a quadruple room option, which is quite uncommon among Japan hotels, but can be great for a traveling family. Having said that, the room might be relatively snug compared to your past hotel experiences, especially if you have a large amount of luggage.

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Park Hyatt Tokyo

Best Family Hotels in Tokyo, Japan Family Travel

When it comes to Tokyo’s best hotels, Park Hyatt Tokyo is possibly the most famous. If you’ve seen the movie Lost in Translation, then you know what I’m talking about. I loved staying here, eating breakfast overlooking the city and swimming in a pool higher than some clouds. The Park Hyatt lobby is on the 39th floor of a Shinjuku skyscraper, and the rooms go up from there. It goes without saying that the view is exceptional: on a clear day, you might even see Mt Fuji.

It’s a 12-min walk from Shinjuku station and an 8-min walk from Tocho-Mae station of the subway on the Oedo line. The hotel provides a shuttle to Shinjuku station every 20 min. That amazing indoor pool is open to any guests older than 3 with no extra charge, but anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower

Located only 3 minutes from Shinjuku station, Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower starts on the 20th floor and goes up from there. That means better Tokyo city views and less traffic noise.

Since the hotel is near Tokyo’s busiest train station, you can expect lots of restaurants nearby — both humble and high-end places. Children under 11 years old can stay for free if you don’t need an extra bed.

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Best Family Hotels in Tokyo, Japan Family Travel

Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage

Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage is located 5 minutes from Tokyo Skytree and the many restaurants and shops of the Tokyo Soramachi center. The hotel is very close to Oshiage station which gives you quick access to Sensoji temple in Asakusa (5 min) and Ginza shopping area(15 min) by subway.

If you walk 15 min towards the Sumida river, you will find Sumida park which is a nice place for kids to run around and burn off any excess energy. You might also see a varied array of boats here: water buses, police boats, and other watercraft.

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Dormy Inn EXPRESS Asakusa

Dormy Inn EXPRESS Asakusa is located less than a 10-min walk from Asakusa station of the Tokyo Metro subway line (multiple lines) and only a 5-min walk to the famous Sensoji temple.

There are many restaurants in this area — from local cheap eateries to upscale sukiyaki places — and all within walking distance of the hotel. Like most hotels in Japan, the rooms are small, but they have Western/Tatami hybrid room that can work well for families.

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Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa

Located only 2 minutes from Sensoji temple in Asakusa. Ryokan Kamogawa Asakusa is one of the best family hotels in Tokyo Asakusa area and offers the Japanese sleeping experience: on the floor with Japanese style futon and mattress.

The rooms are small but authentic. There is a private bath in each room, but it is recommended to try their Japanese-style public bath, which is much larger than the private bathroom in the room.

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Sadachiyo is another ryokan in Asakusa with more Edo-era atmosphere to it, and easily is one of the best kids friendly hotels in Tokyo. The bathing room and toilet are separated in this Tokyo hotel, and there are two public baths available in the building 24 hours.

It is not an onsen (natural hot spring), but it’s still nice to have a dip here whenever you’re up for it. Breakfast available upon request, and if you like Japanese food, you should definitely try it. If not, you have many restaurants available in the area.

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Best Family Hotels in Tokyo, Japan Family Travel

Shinagawa Prince Hotel

This Tokyo hotel is situated about a 5-min walk from Shinagawa station. There is a pool, a bowling alley, an aquarium, a movie theater and more (extra charges apply, of course).

If you want to stay in for some reason (bad weather, sick family member, etc) then you’ll have plenty of places to entertain yourself and the kids right here — all within a few minutes of your room.

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Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

Overlooking Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge, Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba is right in front of the Yurikamome Monorail at Daiba station.

Odaiba itself is a great place to spend with kids in Tokyo, and this hotel is certainly one of the best hotels in Tokyo with kids if you’re planning for a day out in Odaiba.

They offer a free shuttle to Tokyo Disney Land, but remember to pre-book it. Their pool is open only during summer (mid-Jul-Aug) and for an extra charge. Quadruple rooms are available for families of four.

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Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort

Conveniently located directly on the Tennozu Isle Station of the Tokyo Monorail. This hotel offers baby beds, baby guards for beds, play mat and a peepod mat without extra charge.

However, their supplies are limited, so confirm with the hotel once you’ve booked. You can see airplanes, cruise ships and the Shinkansen (bullet train) all from the window of some rooms.

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Apartment Rentals: Best Family Hotels in Tokyo

In addition to these best family hotels in Tokyo, there are a number of great Tokyo apartment rentals worth considering. From a family perspective, we usually prefer apartment rentals — in Japan and elsewhere. However, there are pros and cons to consider.

I’m speaking in general here, but here are the usual pros for apartment rentals.

The pros: you (usually) pay less, have more space, and get to experience things more like a local. Apartments also feel more like a home, which can be nice. They often have a kitchen, which means that you can cook light meals or eat breakfast in if you want to. Many apartments also offer a free portable pocket WIFI with your stay.

The main con is the lack of hotel amenities. No one cleans up or makes your bed. No pool or gym, either usually. We’ve stayed in many hotels and in many apartment rentals. For us, the apartment rental’s biggest plus is that the money we’ve saved on accommodation. This money can then go towards more experiences — even if it means more housework for us.

Remember to write your host before you book to clear any and all questions with the host.

Apartments in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world. Within a short walk, you can explore Shinjuku Gyoen, Harajuku & Yoyogi park, Meiji Jingu Shrine and Omotesando. It’s easier to get on the trains and buses at Shinjuku station if you plan to explore further west from Tokyo central, such as Mitaka (Ghibli Museum), Takao-san (Mountain Hike) and Hakone (Hot Spring retreat area).

In Shinjuku, you will find a wide variety of eateries within a short walking distance, from cheap fast food (both Japanese and Western) to nice local cafes and restaurants.

Check Availability:
Apartments in Shinjuku

Apartments in Minato-ku

Minato-ku is located in the central Tokyo where you will have an easy access to Roppongi, Midtown, Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace. This is another great place with kids, where you can find a variety of restaurants and cafes.

There’s also an amazing contemporary art museum located at 52/53 floor of the Roppongi Hills building, and Mori Garden where you can enjoy walking.

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Apartments in Minato-ku

Apartments near Asakusa

Asakusa is one of the best places to stay in Tokyo with kids. There are lots of things to do in Asakusa. You get to see much of the local lifestyle from days gone by. The infamous Senso-ji temple is located in Asakusa.

With the Ginza subway line, you will have an easy access to shopping and other things to do in Ginza. There’s also nearby Ueno, where you’ll find the National Museum of Nature and Science, the Ameya-yokocho open air market, and Ueno park/zoo.

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Apartments near Asakusa

Apartment near Harajuku

Harajuku is a hip & happening place for Tokyo youth, but also is another family friendly area in Tokyo. There is lots to do in Harajuku. There are many points of interest nearby, including Meiji Jingu, Yoyogi park, and Takeshita dori shopping street.

You can find many cafes, restaurants and grocery stores, as well as ready-made sushi packs and pastries. Whatever you want, really. Harajuku has station for both the JR Yamanote line and Tokyo Metro Subway lines, which will take you to pretty much anywhere yo want to go in Tokyo.

Check Availability:
Apartments near Harajuku

Apartment near Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is located close to Hamamatsucho station of JR Yamanote line and Tokyo monorail, and to Daimon station of the subway.

Being the main station for those who fly into or out of Haneda International Airport, you have no problem finding restaurants to enjoy your meals near the station. Zojo-ji temple is also within walking distance. You will be closer to Shinagawa, as well.

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Apartments near Tokyo Tower

Tips: Finding the Best Family Hotels in Tokyo

Stay Close to a Train Station

Between 5-10 minutes is ideal — the smaller the kids, the shorter the distance, we believe, unless strollers are involved. Remember that you’ll be walking a lot with your kids in Tokyo. That extra 20-30 minutes between your Tokyo hotel and the nearest station can add up to more exhausted kiddos.

Be Ready for Small Rooms

Generally, the rooms in low-end and mid-range hotels in Japan are very small. Many high-end hotels in Tokyo as well. Some of the best family hotels in Japan have great amenities but small rooms. You may even find it hard to move around with big luggage.

Beds May Not be as Soft

Also, keep in mind that most Japanese people sleep on tatami mats, so they’re used to hard, flat surfaces to sleep on, and the beds in yours might reflect this aesthetic.

Limited Room Options for Family Travelers

Tokyo still has a lot to learn about tourist friendly accommodations. Many hotel rooms are not geared towards families — for example, single and twin rooms are ubiquitous, while suites and triple or quadruple rooms are limited. You may need to book two rooms if you are a family of four or more. If your little one is young enough to sleep with you or in cot, you may be ok — but it might be a tight fit.

Pools and Gyms often Cost Extra

This is the case even in the best family hotels in Tokyo. In some cases, kids under 16 years old will not be allowed in unless it is summer school holiday time (between July and August). During the summer, many hotel pools are open to the public (usually for a fee), so it could be packed.

Keep Your Translator App Handy

Despite being such an international city, many hotels in Tokyo still lack English speaking staff. It depends on the level of the hotel and the area you’re staying in, of course, but be prepared. The staff will try their best to help you.

Tokyo is Full of Family Fun

One thing I can tell you is that you will have blast in Tokyo with kids. We certainly did when we lived there from 2001 to 2013. Read our list of things to do in Tokyo with kids for more.

From a parent’s perspective, it’s a great place to explore with kids. I could go on and on about how great it is to explore Tokyo with children. In fact, I’ve written a lot about it: for newspapers, websites, magazines, and my own eBook.

You’ll find a lot of it here as well, where I’ve written about taking your kids to Tokyo districts such as Omotesando, Odaiba, Ginza, Harajuku, Yoyogi, and more.

Have you been to Tokyo? Where did you stay? What did you like or dislike about the hotel in Tokyo?

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Best Family Hotels in Tokyo- Japan Family Travel

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