Our Top 6 Best Travel Gifts for Kids: Family Travel Gear

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Looking for the best travel gifts for kids? Well, we have a few recommendations for you. These are all items that our kids have enjoyed over the past three years of full-time slow travel through Japan, Southeast Asia, The USA, and Spain.


When traveling with kids, we try to pack as light as we can. That said, we’re not hiking Mount Everest, so there is always room for a few non-essentials. Our kids have owned or used all of the items listed below. In fact, many of them are still in use today, and we consider them to be some of the best travel gifts for kids who spend some time on the road.

If you are looking for best travel gifts for kids, I hope the list below would help you.

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Our Top 6 Best Travel Gifts for Kids: Family Travel Gear

Travel Headphones – One of the Best Travel Gift for Kids

Whether used for music or audiobooks, headphones are one of the best travel gift for kids. For example, our kids use them for iTunes & Spotify, as well as for their personal video time using one of our iPads. They even use their own headphones when watching movies on airplanes.

Earphones are ok, but our kids find headphones to be much more comfortable.

We don’t recommend extended headphone usage for younger kids. However, as they get older and have their own tastes, it’s nice when they can listen to their favorite music or movies on their own.

Kindle Readers – Best Travel Gift for Anyone!

This is, without reservation, the best travel gift for kids. For adults, too! Books are heavy, and despite the appeal of reading from real tangible pages, paperbacks can fill your pack and weigh you down quickly.

Traveling often involves waiting: at the airport, at the hotel, etc. Whenever our kids have to wait, they pull out their Kindles. They rarely leave the house without their Kindle and its charger stuffed into a bag or pocket somewhere, just in case. At first, Keiko was hesitant to give them yet another device to keep up with, but she came around quickly. Kindles have been invaluable to us.

Different people like different models, but we prefer the e-ink models that don’t have a color LED screen.

Digital Cameras – Best Travel Gift for Kids who Love Pictures

Photographing your journey can be one of the best ways to involve the kids in travel. If the kids have their own camera, this makes it even easier. No need for a high-end model — there are plenty of age-appropriate models for youngsters, and the price is lower, as well.

Some digital cameras marketed for kids still work pretty well and take good quality pictures. Both kids have carried their own cameras since 2013, and both have upgraded to better models since then.

The boy uses a Nikon COOLPIX AW110 and my cameras. Our daughter started with a COOLPIX S31, but now uses a COOLPIX AW130 and loves it. All three of these cameras are waterproof and shockproof, and we’ve used them that way.

Portable Games – Best Travel Gift for Spending Time Together

We always keep a few games handy for long airport waits and after-dinner fun. We keep it light, which unfortunately eliminates dominoes, which we love (if anyone knows of a good, lightweight domino set?, let me know!).

We’ve played chess in airports during layovers, Scrabble in Sumatra during a power outage/rainstorm. As for Uno…well, we’ve played Uno just about everywhere.

We love our devices and are not against screen time, but there’s something to be said about switching the electronics off and playing a game together. One of the best travel gifts for kids is a game that they’ll want to play over and over.


Finding the right daypack for kids can be tricky since every kid has his/her own taste. That goes double for tweens or teens like ours. In this case, the perfect gift for traveling kids is something they pick out themselves.

Gift Cards: The Ultimate Favorite Travel Gift for Kids

This is a great travel gift idea for everyone, whether they’re on the road or not. Gift cards aren’t always used for travel-related gifts, I’m sure, but they fill a need for media that our kids crave.

Our Favorite Kids Books

We are HUGE fans of audiobooks and listen to them on road trips and on portable speakers all the time. And as I mentioned above, we love, love, LOVE our Kindles, too.

That said, we read all of the books listed below in their paperback form. In fact, both of our kids really learned to read in English via the Percy Jackson series you see below. After we read these together, they went on from there to read the Mysterious Benedict Society series and the work of David Walliams on their own.

We highly recommend all of these, especially for tween and teens.


Did we miss anything? Do you have travel gift ideas for kids to recommend? What do you think is a perfect gift for travelers? Comment below!

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