Education in Spain: Our School Experience in Valencia

Today I’ll explain our family’s first-year experience with education in Spain. EDUCATION IN SPAIN: OUR EXPERIENCE In this small series posts, I’ve tried to my best to describe different aspects of our first-year saga living in Spain. For more tips on Spain residency and living in Spain, look here: Getting the Non-Lucrative Visa How to Apply for the Non-Lucrativo […]

The Oma Painted Forest: Family Hiking in Basque Country – Family Travel in Spain

The Oma Painted Forest was our only hiking in Basque Country, but it’s an easy place to recommend to just about anyone. It’s not the easiest or flattest path, but it’s not overly strenuous either. More than that, the views you’ll get in the Oma Painted forest are unlike any other. If you want to do […]

How to Apply for a Spanish Resident Card (TIE): Our Story & Tips

Today I’ll explain our experience with applying for a Spanish resident card, also known as a foreigners’ ID card (Tarjeta de Identidad de Entranjera). How to Apply For A Spanish Resident Card (TIE) This is the fourth entry in our (originally unplanned and surprisingly comprehensive) Spain Story series.In this small series posts, I’ve tried to my best to […]

La Pontiga Apartments in Infiesto – Where to Stay in Asturias

When we looked for where to stay in Asturias, we looked at Asturias hotels close to Congas de Onis and the lakes of Covadonga, where we found La Pontiga Apartments, a cute boutique establishment in a small town called Infiesto. MORE THAN YOUR TYPICAL ASTURIAS HOTELS We tend to book more apartments than hotels. We like both of […]

Surfing in Santander – Spain Road Trip: Family Travel in Northern Spain

Surfing in Santander, the port town that serves as the capital of the Cantabria region of Spain, fit perfectly into our road trip plan. If you or your kids want to learn to surf in Spain, then the northern coast of the Cantabria region is an excellent place to consider. I’m not a surfer by any means […]

How to Start Living in Spain with Kids: Our Story

So far in this series of posts, I’ve explained why we decided to move to Spain and how we finally earned our non-lucrative residence visa. I’ve explained up to when we left for Valencia. Now let me tell you how we began living in Spain with kids. HOW WE STARTED LIVING IN SPAIN WITH KIDS This post is mainly […]

Museums in Asturias – Indoor Activities with Kids in Northern Spain

I’ll be honest with you: we didn’t go to northern Spain specifically to visit museums in Asturias. On the contrary, we came to Galicia and the Asturias region to be outside: hiking, swimming, canyoning (!), and strolling down one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. ** Save & Share with Pinterest! ** This area of Spain is much […]

Lakes of Covadonga, Hiking in the Picos de Europa – Spain Road Trip

Like a cow pasture in heaven, the Lakes of Covadonga are like a cloud-kissed pastoral…Wait that came out wrong. Or did it? The Lakes of Covadonga are beautiful, and an easy walk for little feet. And cows! There are cows! Ok so here’s the takeaway: hiking to Lakes of Covadonga are easy and beautiful. Little kids […]

Dinosaurs in Spain: The Jurassic Museum of Asturias (MUJA)

If you have dinosaur lovers in your family, then Jurassic Museum of Asturias is for you. Spain has lots of preserved dinosaur tracks, and many of them were found along the stretch of coastline visible from the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, known to locals as MUJA (Museo Jurásico de Asturias)  Jurassic Museum of Asturias (MUJA) I had […]

How to Apply for a Spanish Residency Visa: Our Tips & Timeline

Now that you know why we applied for a Spanish residency visa, I’d like to share exactly how we proceeded with our application for a non-lucrative resident visa for Spain. It’s a bumpy ride — and the ride’s not over, really — but we learned a great deal from the experience, and I hope to share some tips on […]