The Ourense thermal baths: Hot Springs in Spain

The thermal Baths in Ourense was an…interesting experience. Of all the things to do in Galicia with kids, our day at the Ourense thermal baths may be one of the most memorable. Not for the reasons you might suspect, however. The Ourense Thermal Baths When we lived in Japan, one of our family’s favorite things […]

Canyoning in Spain with Guias Malouco

Canyoning in Spain is one of the best ways to experience its spectacular natural beauty, but most people don’t think about going canyoning with kids. Wait, let me back up. Most people don’t even know what canyoning is, so let me explain. I often describe canyoning as whitewater rafting…off a waterfall…without the raft. Sounds fun, […]

Spain Road Trip: Things To Do in Ourense, Galicia with Kids

If you’re going to northern Spain, then plan to spend some time in Galicia with kids. For us it meant exceptional food, a stunning coastline, and one of the biggest adventures of this trip. For most people visiting Galicia with kids, the main destination is Santiago de Compostela, but we were charmed by many places […]

Best Luggage Brands for Travel – Family Travelers’ Choice

What are the best luggage brands for travel? Or the best backpacks for family travel? I know what the best travel luggage for me and my family, but that might be different for you. I think the most recommended luggage brands do a pretty good job. In this post I’ll share the best luggage brand […]

Epic Gear: Our Best Travel Apps & Best Travel Websites

The best travel apps: what are yours? Asking someone to name their best travel apps is a bit like asking them to name their favorite top-40 song. It’s always changing. You might as well ask someone for their top travel apps today. There are plenty of apps for travel. Plenty of free travel apps and […]

Explore Northern Spain with Kids

Visiting Northern Spain with kids? Have we got some travel tips for you. Read on. Explore Northern Spain with Kids Have you traveled to northern Spain with kids? We’re about to. School is out. Summer is here! What’s your summer plan? Many in Spain head to the beach and spend the entire summer there. I […]

What is the Best Age to Travel with Kids? The Best Time for Family Travel

What’s the best age to travel with kids? Wrong question — a “best age to travel” doesn’t exist. Put another way, let’s just say that there isn’t a perfect age to travel with kids, therefore any travel age is the right one. What is the Best Age to Travel with Kids? You and I both know that it’s […]

Sumatra with Kids: Bukit Lawang and Berastagi

The largest of Indonesia’s islands, Sumatra could be considered its own country, and the small northern corner that we visit doesn’t begin to cover all of what visiting Sumatra with kids would have in store. Traveling to Sumatra with kids was so much fun that we had to go back for a second helping. Visit Sumatra with Kids […]

Family Travel is an Epic Education: The Blog Returns

The Epic Education continues: Family Travel 2016 It’s 2am and we’re standing at a crowded intersection facing a massive sculpture nearly 10 meters high. And it’s on fire. Flames are roaring skyward, searing nearby tree branches as the engulfed figures begin to creak and groan under their own weight. Then suddenly one of the figures lurches forward and falls, […]

Penang with Kids: Nasi Melayu – Malaysian Soul Food

It’s been a busy week here at Epic Education headquarters: our time in Penang is soon coming to a close. With it comes the planning for our return visits to Japan and the United States, as well as decisions about where we go afterwards. I’ve started to reflect on what I’ll take away from our […]