Down the Hole: Parenting, Privacy and Internet Safety

As I was writing a recent post about my kids, something struck me — something that often strikes me when I write a personal account of my family that anyone with an internet connection has access to: Am I doing the right thing? This is, at the very least, a two-part question: Regarding Internet Safety: Am I somehow putting […]

The Perhentian Islands with Kids – Reasons to Skip

[NOTE: I shelved this post, Perhentian Islands with kids, for nearly six months, wondering if I should broadcast such harsh criticisms on a place I’ve been for less than a week. Since then, however, I’ve met with a number of people who’ve been recently and confirmed my fears, so I publish it now  — with a […]

Rock Climbing in Railay Beach, Krabi with Kids

  It’s after 2AM, and I still haven’t fully packed for our (second) trip to Sumatra tomorrow (we love Bukit Lawang). Instead, I spent far too much time fiddling around with diligently editing the Youtube video you see above. So for tonight’s post on rock climbing in Railay Beach, Krabi with kids, I’ll let the imagery do most of […]

Year Two: An Epic Education Cultural Identity Update

When we first set out on this adventure in September, 2013, one of the biggest questions I asked myself was how a life of travel would affect my children’s cultural identity, and possibly my own. I’m an American who hasn’t lived in America since 1997, and my kids were born and raised in Tokyo. Their only […]

Stars Archery in Kuala Lumpur with Kids

Stars Archery in Kuala Lumpur with Kids Ready. Aim. BULLSEYE. If you’re in Kuala Lumpur with kids and looking for things to do, you’ll find that the city offers a number of indoor and outdoor options. As for indoor fun, Stars Archery in Kuala Lumpur located in Berjaya Square Mall is easily one of our favorites. Kuala Lumpur (a.k.a. […]

Family Travel Year in Review – Epic Education 2014

Man-o-man, what a year! I’ve learned a lot since last January, and have tried to reflect on 2014 in the video you see above, but of course, I don’t expect a YouTube clip to even scratch the surface of everything we’ve seen, learned and felt. Looking back on the year in review, it’s hard to believe that we […]

Visiting Penang War Museum with Kids

Visiting Penang War Museum with Kids Ghosts, bombs and paintball — welcome to the Penang War Museum. Near the southern tip of Penang Island is where you’ll find this scruffy, fairly recent attraction. I’ll use the term “museum” here loosely. It’s more of a historic site: a once-abandoned WWII fortress that’s had 60 years of […]

Caged: Kids, Zoos & Animal Cruelty in Southeast Asia

We hadn’t been in the park for 30 minutes before I realized we should leave, but then a stork shat on my arm, and that sealed the deal. It shouldn’t have taken a warm torrent of bird splatter to know it was time to go, but I know a cue when I see one. We were at the […]

Nightlights: the Malacca Trishaws

Malaysia is an incredibly colorful country, and the Malacca trishaws offer an added vibrancy. I wrote about our time in Malacca (spelled Melaka by the locals) here, but I thought the town’s famous three-wheeled transport deserved a few extra pictures. There are rides available as early as lunchtime, but you really want to see the Malacca trishaws after […]

Malacca with Kids: Dust and Neon – Malaysia

Malaysia is packed with fun stuff to do with children:the museums of of Kuala Lumpur, the beaches (and precarious waterfalls) of Langkawi, and of course, all that Penang has to offer. Our next Malaysian destination was Malacca, so we drove down to soak in the old-town ambiance. The history runs deep there, and a lot the most interesting […]