Penang with Kids: Our Pros and Cons

So much has happened to us since the new year that this blog had begun to atrophy from neglect. I’m really not sure where to begin. Should I start with stories about cooking, carving, fishing and zip-lining in Northern Thailand? Or share how the lovely city of Chiang Mai unwittingly became the backdrop for a […]

This Just In: We are alive and will resume blogging shortly

Oh dear…has it really been nearly FOUR MONTHS since my last post? That seems like decades ago at the pace we’ve been living. Well I can assure you that we have not gone missing, and no, we weren’t on that plane everyone is talking about. Our journey continues. After my last posting (I’m all healed […]

Is Family Travel Dangerous? Looking, Leaping and Learning your Limits

Is family travel dangerous? It can be if you’re not careful, calm and self aware. I am rarely all of these things at once, but I’m working on it. Is Family Travel Dangerous? As I’ve mentioned before in these pages, this blog is called An Epic Education, but the kids aren’t the only ones learning […]

Penang through the Apartment Window

Greetings from Malaysia! Alas, our time in Taiwan came to an end. It was hard to say goodbye to all our friends there, both old and new, but it was time to move on to the next country. We’ve been in Penang for two weeks now, and are now settled into our new routines. It […]

Meat Your Dinner: My girl goes vegetarian in Southeast Asia

During our very first week traveling, our girl M decided to try being a vegetarian in Southeast Asia, a decision she came to on her own. Keiko and I eat meat, but we have supported her on this. In many ways, Taiwan is an ideal place to go meat-free. For one, there are delicious vegetarian […]

Working Remotely: How I asked my boss about it

Working Remotely: How I asked my boss about it I can tell you the day I decided to pursue working remotely: It was Saturday, November 24th, 2012, and I was in Oaxaca, Mexico, using up nearly all my vacation days to attend my sister’s wedding. Lounging on the beach drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice, I watched […]

Making Friends while Traveling

We’ve been on the road almost two months now. That’s enough time to start assessing what’s coming together and what hasn’t (yet). Work and money? So far, so good. How about dealing with long-term travel’s inherent problems? Check. Next comes the homeschooling: are the kids getting everything they need, academically? And according to the schedule that […]

Don’t fear the creeper: Snakes, shadows and a lesson in overcoming fear

Travel has a way of teaching you skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life. It can teach you about patience, perseverance, tolerance and how to deal with boredom, and it can also teach you about overcoming fear and facing the unknown. This is what I was thinking about as we sped through the night […]

How I defined Success in Japan

Before I explain this so-called success in Japan, let’s give my wife and few close friends a moment to finish laughing. Finished yet, guys? Guys? My wife is laughing because when most people define “success in Japan,” it involves a swank apartment in Denenchofu, Kamiyacho or somewhere similar, and a bankbook with lots of zeroes […]

Embrace the Drag: Dealing with Boredom in Family Travel

One of my favorite writers regarding Family Travel is Jennifer Miller of the Edventure Project, and one of my favorite pieces there is her 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids. There are many nuggets of hard-earned wisdom in there, but one nugget in particular felt like a thump on the nose: it was simply titled “Unplug.” Children, […]