How, Why & Where to Buy Tokyo Robot Restaurant Tickets 2020

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Wondering what to expect if you buy Tokyo Robot Restaurant tickets? Well, there are mechanical dinosaurs. There are chrome-plated saxophonists. Don’t forget the video-game phantasms, golden-snail lounge chairs, kaleidoscopic lighting, bikini-clad drummers, and oh, yeah…robots. The Tokyo Robot Restaurant is one of the craziest things to do in Tokyo, and we’re here to tell you how to get a piece of it. For many, this is a Japan bucket-list item, and soon you’ll understand why. Read on for everything you need to know. That includes where and how to buy Robot Restaurant discount tickets, and how to get the best deal out there.

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How to Book Tokyo Robot Restaurant Tickets in 2020

Tokyo travel is full of spectacle. There are the traditional temples of Asakusa and the futuristic architecture of Odaiba. There is the noble combat of sumo and the glamorous bustle of districts like Harajuku and nearby Omotesando. Yet few spectacles in the capital can match the Robot Restaurant show. An explosion of neon and shiny surfaces, the Robot Restaurant show is a psychedelic cabaret full of glitter and propulsive music. It’s hard to describe, and impossible to forget.

If you’re in Tokyo and looking for an unforgettable experience, Robot Restaurant tickets may be just what you’re looking for. Robot Restaurant Tokyo tickets are available in many places, but the process can be confusing and expensive. This piece will help simplify the process and help you book your Robot Restaurant discount tickets easily…all while saving a lot of money.

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Table of Contents

What is Tokyo Robot Restaurant?

Deep in the heart of Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district, the Tokyo Robot Restaurant is like a manifestation of a Japanophile’s fever dream. There are lasers, drumming maidens, and yes, robots. Lots and lots of robots fitted out with shiny, glittery, glowing surfaces. Some look like snakes, eagles, or amazon women. Others are actual humans in fluorescent hot pants riding crystalline horses across a metallic rainbow. I thought Hello Kitty’s Sanrio Puroland was weird and trippy. This is much more extreme. Much more. 

Buy Robot Restaurant Discount Tickets Now

VOYAGIN cheap robot restaurant tickets

If you’re ready to buy Tokyo Robot Restaurant discount tickets right away, just click the link below. I explain in the post how to get there and what to expect, but if you’re in a hurry, then here’s where to start. 

Find Your Discounted Robot Restaurant Tickets Here

Why Book Robot Restaurant Tokyo Tickets?

Booking Robot Restaurant tickets and seeing the show is a one-of-a-kind experience. There is nothing else like it out there, and it only happens in Tokyo. Sure, they may eventually develop other Robot Restaurants in Japan or elsewhere, but at the time of writing, there is only one in the world. The images and video you’ve seen of this place — however amazing it seems — are no match for seeing it in person.

When to Book Robot Restaurant Discount Tickets?

There are three to four Robot Restaurant shows a day, but they’re often sold out so we recommend booking at least a few days ahead if possible. This is especially important if you want Robot Restaurant discount seating and/or if you want seat upgrades to ensure you sit where you want.

Where to Buy Robot Restaurant Tickets

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You can buy Robot Restaurant Tokyo tickets from the restaurant itself, but it’s not ideal. For example, these are the most expensive Robot Restaurant tickets available: ¥8,500 yen (approx. $80 USD). What’s more, these tickets are completely non-refundable.

Why Book Robot Restaurant Tokyo Tickets Online?

You can buy Robot Restaurant tickets from many places. That said, we’ll only endorse what we consider best for our readers. First of all, the best place for Robot Restaurant discount tickets is online. They’re much cheaper that way: around 25-40% cheaper in fact. And you can get additional benefits, which we’ll go through below.

Robot Restaurant Cost / Robot Restaurant Discount

Sure, there are discount Robot Restaurant Tokyo tickets available, but cheap Robot Restaurant tickets? I guess it depends on what you define as “cheap.” If you buy Robot Restaurant tickets at their box office or website, then they will cost ¥8500 yen each. Keep in mind that there are over one hundred people performing these shows every night. The Robot Restaurant is also in the middle of one of the highest rent districts in the capital. Then there are the sets, lighting and costume design. Factor all of that into your assessment. But if you want the Robot Restaurant discount tickets, then book online and ahead of time.

Robot Restaurant Ticket Prices

You can find deeply discounted Robot Restaurant tickets online. In fact, there are often huge deals that can shave up to 40% off the usual ticket price. For example, at the time of writing, Voyagin is offering daytime show tickets starting at less than USD $52.

  • Daytime Shows: The Robot Restaurant daytime shows tend to be cheaper and offer the largest discounts. They also are the easiest tickets to buy.
  • Evening Shows: Robot Restaurant evening shows have smaller discounts and should be booked further ahead as they are in more demand.
  • Kids Under 3: Any children under three are free if they sit in your lap. There are no kids tickets: anyone over three is the same admission price. 

Where to Book Robot Restaurant Discount Tickets

Our top choice for buying Tokyo Robot Restaurant tickets is via Voyagin. This is a Japan-based travel site with loads of great deals across the country. Voyagin is an official partner with Tokyo Robot Restaurant. As a result, they offer better seat selections as well as exclusive discounts and other deals. Voyagin is that they are a direct seller and official partner. That means you’ll get confirmation faster when buying Robot Restaurant tickets through them.

Seat Upgrades

Voyagin is the only Robot Restaurant discount ticket provider that offers optional seat upgrades. For an added fee, you can choose your seats instead of being seated randomly. That’s right: add an extra ¥1000 or ¥2000 yen for center or front row seats. No other company does that at present. For example, if you want to sit on the front row, they can do that. Conversely, if you’d prefer to sit in the center but a few rows back, that’s possible too. Of course, these seats are limited and sell out quickly, so best to book ASAP. 

Step-by-step: Voyagin Robot Restaurant Tickets

Voyagin cheap robot restaurant ticket

Voyagin is one of the best online one-stop-shops for Japan tours and tickets. They are based in Japan and are an official partner with the Shinjuku Robot Restaurant so we highly recommend them to buy your Robot Restaurant Tokyo tickets. There are several online retailers of the tickets, but for this particular Tokyo activity, we think that Voyagin is the best choice. Below we’ll go through each step of the process to buy Robot Restaurant Tokyo tickets. As you’ll see, the Voyagin site and online platform are really easy to use. 

Step #1: Visit the Voyagin Tokyo Robot Restaurant Tickets Page

You can find the page by clicking the box below or any of the related images. If you don’t already have a Voyagin account, you can sign up for it now or be prompted to do it later. 

Book Robot Restaurant Discount Tickets with Voyagin

Step #2: Choose a daytime, afternoon, or evening show.

The biggest Robot Restaurant discounts are for the earliest performances, and one of them also offers a photo op time with the dancers and robots. 

Voyagin robot restaurant ticket discount

Step #3: Select How Many People

You’ll see on the left-hand side “Person.” Change this to however many people you’re buying Robot Restaurant Tokyo tickets for. Remember anyone over three is the same price. 

discounted robot restaurant tickets


Step #4: Select the Date of Your Tokyo Robot Restaurant Tickets

Keep in mind that despite 3-4 shows a day, the Robot Restaurant Tokyo tickets are very popular and regularly sell out. Try to book ahead of time for the best seat selection. 

Voyagin robot restaurant ticket coupon

Step #5: Select Show Time

The available showtimes should pop up in the “Select Time” bar as seen below. The daytime show box usually only shows one or two times available, while the afternoon/evening showtimes may offer three or more. 

Voyagin robot restaurant ticket discount code

Step #6: Go to Cart/Your Account

Once you’ve chosen the number, date, and time of your Tokyo Robot Restaurant discount tickets, you’ll be prompted to go to your cart *OR* to sign in to your Voyagin account. You’ll need to have a Voyagin account to purchase these tickets or use any of their services. The same goes for Klook, Get Your Guide and any other major online tour outfitter. 

Voyagin robot restaurant show discount

Step #7: Choose Extras (If Any)

Now that you have your Tokyo Robot Restaurant tickets in the cart, Voyagin will ask if there are any extras you’re interested in. These aren’t required, but worth looking through. For example, many people will be interested in getting seat upgrades like front row or 2nd-row/3rd-row center seats. Only Voyagin offers this. You can also get discounts on drinks and snacks or order a bento (boxed meal) to eat while you watch. The meals are unimpressive. Like I mentioned elsewhere, I recommend to skip actually eating at the Robot Restaurant and get some food elsewhere either before or after the show. 

buy cheap robot restaurant tickets online

Step #8: Add Your Payment Info

Ok! You’re almost finished. Now it’s time to put in the final payment info. However, this is not the final step. Please read on. 

Voyagin tokyo robot restaurant discount

Step #9: Save the Voyagin Email to Bring with You

The final step is to check your inbox for the confirmation email regarding your Robot Restaurant tickets. If it doesn’t arrive in your inbox within 30 minutes, then make sure to check your spam folder. 

This email is very important. You must show this confirmation email on your phone (or a printout of it) to get your actual tickets. When you arrive at the Robot Restaurant, you’ll first go into a separate office where you’ll show them this email on your phone and then they’ll issue you the tickets. Don’t forget it!

Other Places to Buy Robot Restaurant Tickets

Voyagin is our top recommendation, but it’s not the only place selling discounted Robot Restaurant Tokyo tickets. In fact, we’ll lay out a few other options for those interested.


Based in Hong Kong, Klook is another big online player for Asian tourism. They offer a lot of great tickets and tours, including the famous JR Rail Pass. They also sell Tokyo Robot Restaurant tickets, and sometimes their discounts are slightly better than Voyagin. 

Book Robot Restaurant Discount Tickets with Klook


Get Your Guide is one of the biggest tour outfitters in the world. They also offer booking cheap Robot Restaurant tickets at varying discounts. Get Your Guide also has a lot of great tour options in Tokyo and all over Japan. 

Book Robot Restaurant Tokyo Tickets with Get Your Guide

Where is the Robot Restaurant?

tokyo robot restaurant location

The Tokyo Robot Restaurant is in Kabukicho, a famous nightlife (and Red Light) district in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood. Like the rest of Japan, it’s safe. Yet this is one of the seediest areas of the country and could be off-putting to those with delicate sensibilities.

More importantly, Shinjuku is a very crowded and complicated area to navigate. I lived in Tokyo for 13 years and still got lost in Shinjuku Station from time to time.

Map to Tokyo Robot Restaurant

Directions to the Robot Restaurant (From Shinjuku Station)

  • Here’s a quick rundown of how to get to the Robot Restaurant from Shinjuku Station. 
  • Go out of the East Exit of Shinjuku Station and walk to the first big crossing. 
  • Cross the road when the traffic light turns green. You should see a store called Don Quijote  (ドンキホテ) on the right.
  • Turn right and walk one block.
  • You should be at Sakura Dori. Turn left here and you’ll run into the Robot Restaurant 
  • Here is a link to Robot Restaurant on Google Maps

Robot Restaurant Show Times for 2020

The Robot Restaurant show times have changed on a few occasions since they opened in 2014. In fact, they still change. 

Tips for Enjoying Your Robot Restaurant Tickets 

Buying discounted tickets for a Robot Restaurant show is only part of what makes for a great evening. Here are a few additional tips to ensure the more enjoyable night possible. 

Arrive 30-60 Minutes Early

Robot Restaurant ticket holders are asked to arrive either 30 minutes or even 60 minutes before the show begins. If you’re late, you may not be admitted in and will not get a refund. We think it’s a good idea to arrive early anyway, After all, you still have to get your actual ticket, and the venue is in a confusing part of the city so I suggest you give yourself time. Besides, arriving early means more time to take pictures in this crazy place. And yes, you’ll want a selfie or two, I guarantee it.

Bring Earplugs

If you’re sensitive to noise, then you’re really going to want some protection here. The Tokyo Robot Restaurant’s performance is very loud. Cranked to eleven. If these kinds of decibels bother you (or your child), make sure to bring some earplugs. They usually provide noise-canceling headphones for children, but I like to have a backup just in case. 

Leave Your Big Camera at the Hotel

Unfortunately, professional-level photography and high-end cameras are not allowed. Phones, however, are ok, and so feel free to snap away with them as much as you like — just as long as you stay in your seat and don’t interfere with the performers. 

Best Time to See Robot Restaurant Show

We think that the best time to see the Robot Restaurant show is the 3:00 pm / 3:30 pm because there is a photo-op with some of the robots & dancers after the performance. Of course, many people prefer the next show at 5:30 pm because there is a live performance in the lounge area while you wait. That’s why this show tends to sell out the fastest.

Late Show/Train Times

The last Robot Restaurant performance of the night ends at 11 pm. Keep in mind that trains in Tokyo do not run all night, so if you’re staying outside the city, check to make sure when your last train will be. If your Tokyo accommodation is in the downtown area or nearby, you should have plenty of time to get back since most trains run until midnight or after. But if you’re staying further out, make sure to confirm that you’ll have enough time to get back before the trains stop running for the night — especially if you plan to eat/drink after the show.

Other Questions

tokyo robot restaurant tickets android woman

There are a few final tips and answers to questions I get about the Tokyo Robot Restaurant. 

What’s the Total Time of the Show?

The Robot Restaurant show lasts around 90 minutes, but keep in mind that you are required to show up 30-60 minutes before showtime, so factor this into your Tokyo travel itinerary. 

Tip: Intermissions

There is a small intermission between each act of the Robot Restaurant performance — drinks and small snacks are offered during this time. You can only go to the restroom during this time, and you must be back at your seat before they start again or you won’t be able to return to your seat until the following intermission. 

Are Robot Restaurant Tickets Worth It?

Even the Robot Restaurant discount tickets aren’t cheap. Are they worth it? Most people think so. Is this an “authentic Japanese experience?” Yes and no. Sure, it blends in every Japanese stereotype — ninjas, video games, samurai, etc. — and yet it transforms them into something very uniquely Japanese. It’s tacky. It’s campy. It’s SO. OVER. THE. TOP. that’s it’s hard to believe it’s real. But that’s what makes it amazing. 

Is the Robot Restaurant Show Kid-Friendly?

Lots of people want to know if they should bring their children to the Shinjuku Robot Restaurant. Is this a family-friendly experience? Well, it really depends on the family and the kids themselves. For my family, yes, absolutely. Then again, I don’t mind taking them to somewhere loud, chaotic and a tad racy. This place is a sensory overload, to be sure, and the noise level alone could be too much for some kids. And keep in mind that most female performers in the Robot Restaurant show are scantily clad. There’s even a pole dancer, although she is covered up. If these things bother you, then give it a pass. 

Is There a Dress Code?

There isn’t a formal dress code per se, but several items of clothing are prohibited. For example, you cannot wear sunglasses during the show (go figure). Also, no outrageous costumes or large wigs are allowed. And if you have large tattoos, then I suggest you cover them up. 

Should I Sit Up Front?

Every seat at the Robot Restaurant has a good view, but the front row seats have an unobstructed view. Do you plan to take a lot of pictures and/or videos? If so, then consider your seating and the images you want to take. For example, if you want closeups of the dancers and machines, then the front row is best. On the other hand, if you want pics that show the whole spectacle, then seats a few rows back are better. You can’t really capture the entire scene from the front row unless you’re at one of the ends of the stage.

What’s on the Robot Restaurant Menu?

This isn’t really a restaurant at all, so save a 1,000 yen and get something better before or after the show. Despite its name, there isn’t that much proper food available and it’s not included in the Robot Restaurant ticket price. The main meals on offer are three average and overpriced bento, and they must be ordered ahead of time. Snacks and drinks are also on hand for those interested. My advice is to skip eating here or just snack. Instead, plan a meal before or after your show. Besides, do you want to spend your time looking down at a bento while this thing is happening?

Japan Activities Like The Robot Restaurant

If you like the Robot Restaurant, then there are a few other bizarre activities you might enjoy as well. When buying you Robot Restaurant Tokyo tickets, these other kooky shows might also be worth your time. 

Kawaii Monster Cafe

Like the Robot Restaurant, the Monster Cafe is hard to describe. But chances are that if you like over-the-top entertainment like the Tokyo Robot Restaurant, then the Kawaii Monster Cafe is right up your alley. There are a variety of shows and experiences to be had here. Some evening shows like the burlesque night are for adults only (20 years or older). While other days are for all. Unlike the Tokyo Robot Restaurant, the Kawaii Monster Cafe actually serves food, and it is equally over the top, as well. 

Reserve a Space at the Kawaii Monster Cafe

See the Kawaii Monster Cafe Show ORIAN

Sanrio Puroland

This is home to Hello Kitty and is one of the most bizarre and wonderful theme parks I’ve ever been to. I really don’t like Hello Kitty. Seriously. And yet, here I am telling you to go here because it’s so surreal and awesome. I’ve written about it for the Japan Times. If you like the bizarre cult of cute that you’d find at the Tokyo Robot Restaurant, then you may see strains of it here at Sanrio Puroland.  

Get Discount Tickets for Sanrio Puroland

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