Downhill Cycling in Colombia – Gravity Bike Tours with Guanabana Tours

Calling all two-wheelers: cycling in Colombia should be on your bucket list, and Guanabana Tours’ Medellin bike tour is a great place to start. The Colombia cycling scene may be overshadowed by soccer but the country has a long love affair with bicycles. This gravity bike tour just outside of Medellin was easily one of […]

Rafting Colombia with Guanabana Tours – Colombia Adventures

Many great Colombia adventures involve water. For example, you have mangroves, island hopping, and surfing in Cartagena. Then there are the pueblos in the lake-locked Guatape region. But when it comes to true Colombian adventure, one of our favorites is white water rafting. Read on for our rafting Colombia experience with Guanabana Tours. We’ll talk […]

Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour Medellin – The Comuna 13 Tour with Medellin City Services

Comuna 13 Medellin was once one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Clinging to the hillsides, this Colombian neighborhood was the worst of the worst. The police had no power there. Drugs, guns, and gangs ruled. Now the area is thriving and is considered one of the best examples of urban renewal. On our […]