How to Spend 48 Hours in Tokyo with Kids – Japan Family Travel

So you have 48 hours in Tokyo with kids. How are you going to spend it? Whether you’re on a quick layover in Japan or trying to squeeze the most out of your time in the city, here is one suggested 2 day itinerary for Tokyo family travel. 48 Hours in Tokyo with Kids We […]

How to Take a Japanese Bath — The Unwritten Rules of Japanese Culture

Do you know how to take a Japanese bath? If you’re visiting the country, it’s worth knowing a few of the Japanese bathing customs before you arrive. Here are a few pointers. They might surprise you. How to Take a Japanese Bath When my kids were little, my favorite time of the day was bath […]

Places to Visit in Tokyo: East Side – Japan Family Travel

There are many interesting places to visit in Tokyo, and some of them are east side of the Imperial Palace. For over half of my 13 years in Japan, the east side of Tokyo was home. I’ll share some of my favorite places with you below. Places to Visit in Tokyo – East Side We […]

Tokyo with Children: My City Guide for You and Your Family

The gist: I have a new eBook for sale and you can buy it here. Read on for more details, or click the link in the sidebar. For more details, read on, because if you must know… …I LOVE Tokyo. It’s such an amazing city to explore with children. It’s safe, clean and full of […]

How I defined Success in Japan

Before I explain this so-called success in Japan, let’s give my wife and few close friends a moment to finish laughing. Finished yet, guys? Guys? My wife is laughing because when most people define “success in Japan,” it involves a swank apartment in Denenchofu, Kamiyacho or somewhere similar, and a bankbook with lots of zeroes […]