Family Travel Podcast: Epic Education Radio

Welcome to Family Travel Podcast, Epic Education Radio that’s all about family travel. Tune in for interviews with a wide variety of families who have chosen to spend time exploring the world with their children. When it comes to extended travel with kids, there is no magic formula. Everyone does it differently, and my mission here […]

EER004: Two Gap Year Family Travel

Gap year family travel? Make that two years for the Clark family. Meet Mo, Martin, Ben, Zoe and Lara, a UK family who enjoyed their year of round-the-world, gap year family travel that they decided to take another one. Two Gap Year Family Travel We’ve kept in touch since we met in late 2013, and […]

EER003: Boat Schooling – Living and Learning on a Sailboat

Have you heard of “boat schooling?” It’s kind of like homeschooling, but on a boat. We met the Gifford family in Penang, Malaysia just before they set sail for Sri Lanka, and really wish we’d had time to get to know them better. Click Here to Subscribe to Our Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more […]

EER002: Gap Year Family Travel to a move to Bangkok

Could you move to Bangkok with your family? The Watanabe family did. We met Anthony, Rose, Emile and Felix in Chiang Mai near the start of 2014. This family of four left their home in Toronto, Canada for a year-long round-the-world trip together, but they had so much fun that they decided to stay overseas, move to […]

EER001: Slow Travel – Interview with Yoshikawa-Jenkins Family

In this first full episode of Epic Education Radio, I run myself through the same family travel interview questions that I’ll ask my guests. Keep in mind that my episode is probably MUCH longer than the interviews you’ll hear with upcoming guests. I just wanted to share as much information about us and recommend as many resources […]

Epic Education Radio: My Family Travel Podcast is HERE!

Ok, people. This has been a LONG time coming, but at last I’m ready to share this with the world. Introducing EPIC EDUCATION RADIO It’s my new family travel podcast focusing on family travel and the people who have made it a part of their lives. Here you will find interviews with a variety of people who have decided […]