EER102: Single Parent Travel and Expat Living in Australia with Kids

Single parent travel. Expat living in Australia with kids. Cruises, strollers and the search for soy-based baby formula. There are just a few topics from this week’s episode of Epic Education Radio. Single Parent Travel and Expat Living in Australia with Kids Meet Jade. She’s a Canada native who knows a few things about single […]

EER101: Working online & international family travel with five kids

Working online. Living in Alaska, Mexico, and beyond. Plus plenty of international family travel with five kids. These are just a few of the topics covered in today’s episode of Epic Education radio. Work, Play & International Family Travel with Five Kids Meet Alisa. She and her husband have been a traveling couple even before they started […]

EER100: Valencia for Teens & Tweens — Our Kids Make Recommendations

Valencia for teens. Spain for tweens. On this week’s episode (number 100!!!) I ask the kids about what they would recommend to kids their age. Some of their answers surprised me. Valencia for Teens and Tweens This week’s episode is bittersweet because today the kids talk about their favorite things to do in Valencia. Recommendations […]

EER099: World Travel Family talks about Self-led Learning & Romania with Kids

Self-led learning. Family travel blogging. Exploring Romania with kids. These are just a few topics from my second conversation with Alyson Long from the World Travel Family blog. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) Meet the World Travel Family It’s been four years since Alyson and family bought one-way tickets top Malaysia. Since then, […]

EER098: Flying with Children and Living in Perth with Kids

Flying with Children. Living in Perth with kids. Quokka selfies and Icelandic hot dogs! Just a few things covered in this week’s episode. Flying with Children and Living in Perth with Kids Meet Amanda Kendle. She’s a travel blogger and podcaster. She’s also a single parent traveler living in Perth, Australia. Ever been to Perth? It’s […]

EER097: Luxury Family Hotels & the Best Things to Do in London with Kids

Looking for the best things to do in London with kids? Looking for luxury family hotels in the UK and family-friendly resorts in the Caribbean and the USA? Then listen to my conversation with Shobha George. Shortly before her China trip, we discuss living in London with kids and many of the best resorts for kids in […]

EER096: Living, Camping & Hiking in Eastern Europe with Kids

Living in Serbia. Camping in Kosovo. Hiking in Eastern Europe with kids. Hitchhiking, too. Diane Vukovic has lots of experience in all of these, and that’s what we’ll talk about today. Hiking in Eastern Europe with Kids Diane moved to Serbia when she was 22 years old. An avid hiker, camper, and outdoor lover since […]

EER095: Worldschooling, Travel Budgeting and the Family Adventure Summit

Worldschooling. Travel budgeting. Family Travel planning and the upcoming Family Adventure Summit. We cover a lot in this episode of Epic Education Radio, so strap in and let’s get started! Worldschooling, Travel Budgeting & the Family Adventure Summit This week’s guest is Amy Sztupovszky, a mother and worldschooling advocate from Canada with some amazing family travel […]

EER094: How to do a Family Home Exchange with Marta from Learning Escapes

Is home ownership preventing you from traveling? Learn how to do a family home exchange. The family home swap is how today’s guest travels with kids. The Family Home Exchange Marta Correale is originally from Rome but resides in Ireland with her husband and two kids. They live, work and go to school in Dublin, but travel regularly through […]

EER093: Worldschooling — A Gap Year Family Documents the Adventure

What’s worldschooling? What’s a gap year family? Read on and you’ll find out…and hopefully consider both for you and your kids, as well! A Gap Year Family, a Lesson in Worldschooling Meet the Kramoores. That’s Charlie Kramer and Brenna Moore. Charlie and Brenna have two kids, they’re doing what many a gap year family are […]