EER082: One Year of Family Travel Interviews — Epic Education Radio

Looking for family travel interviews? We’ve got’em. This marks the first full year of Epic Education Radio, and here are a few family travel interview highlights. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) One Year of Family Travel Interviews As 2016 comes to a close, I want to wish you an amazing new […]

EER081: Family Travel in Spain—Our Spain Family Travel Roundup

If you’re interested in family travel in Spain, then listen up. There is so much to see and do in Spain for families, and after 18 months in the country, we have a lot of Spain family travel tips to share. SPAIN FOR FAMILIES In this week’s episode, the kids join me at the mic to talk […]

EER080: How to Arrange a Home Exchange with Kids

Want to know how to do a home exchange with kids? If you’re looking to do a home swap to travel more, then you can certainly learn something from Daniel Prince. How to Arrange a Home Exchange with Kids Dan and his family of six have been traveling the world for years using home swaps to save thousands […]

EER079: Living on a Sailboat with Kids – Cruising & Boatschooling

Living on a sailboat with kids: what image does this conjure up for you? Caviar and crystal? Not so for most cruisers. Cruisers are not hobbyists. They have made a decision to make the boat their home. LIVING ON A SAILBOAT WITH KIDS Jamie and Behan Gifford have been doing just that: living on a sailboat with […]

EER078: Starting Family Travel Early

Thinking of starting family travel early? I certainly hope that this podcast gives you plenty of advice and encouragement, including today’s interview. STARTING FAMILY TRAVEL EARLY If you’re considering starting family travel early, listen to Kylie Gibbon and her family. This family of four from Aukland, New Zealand have been on many adventures, including an eight-month trip […]

EER077: International Travel with a Baby—Where’s Sharon

Nervous about international travel with a baby? Don’t be. In today’s podcast, veteran family travel blogger Sharon Gourlay is here to tell you that it’s possible. In addition, she says that international travel with a baby not as hard as you think, and it’s totally worth the effort. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL WITH A BABY This is not […]

EER076: Family Travel with Allergies & Working in Vanuatu with Kids

Few people have visited Vanuatu with kids. Fewer still perhaps have experienced working in Vanuatu with kids. Today’s guest, Anne-Cerise Luzy, has now spent over a year living on the South Pacific island nation, writing and homeschooling her three children while her husband works at a local French school. WORKING IN VANUATU WITH KIDS Listen in as Anne-Cerise […]

EER075: Remote Work with Kids to Fund Family Travel

Remote work with kids isn’t always the easiest way to fund family travel, but for many families, it’s the best (if not only) solution. REMOTE WORK TO FUND FAMILY TRAVEL We’ve used remote work part of our travel lifestyle strategy ever since we left our desks jobs in 2013, and today’s guest has used remote work to […]

EER074: Full-Time Living in a Trailer with Kids

Would you consider living in a trailer with kids? Jason Calhoun and his wife Danielle asked themselves this question. The answer changed their lives forever. LIVING IN A TRAILER WITH KIDS No, the Calhoun family isn’t living in a trailer with kids on the edge of town now. They didn’t move into a trailer park. Instead, […]

EER073: Worldschooling and Family Travel after a Crisis

Worldschooling is getting a lot of attention today, and well it should. On today’s episode, I talk with Jen Silver about how her family discovered worldschooling after the real estate crash and a number of other personal tragedies made them reassess their family’s life and education. Worldschooling and Family Travel What is worldschooling? Well, it’s […]