Epic Education’s Year in Review 2018: Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Japan & Peru

Another year, another 12 months of Epic Education. 2018 was a roller coaster ride for us, full of ups, downs and as much travel as we could manage. Here’s a quick rundown of our year.

An Epic Education’s Year in Family Travel 2017: Family Travel Roundup 2017

Kayaking in Borneo. Lava tubes in the Canary Islands. Horseback riding in Mexico and scuba diving in Indonesia. It’s been a full year for Team Epic Education (aka the Yoshikawa-Jenkins family). Here are a few highlights from our year in family travel 2017. An Epic Education’s Year in Travel 2017 Spain, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, and […]

Moving on: Our Family Travel Plans for 2017

Big changes are happening here at Epic Education headquarters. After nearly two years in Valencia, Spain, the four of us are making a move. Several moves, actually. Below I’ll fill you in on a little of our upcoming trip and what we hope to do and see along the way. It’s going to be a […]

Our Family Travel Year in Review (2016) — An Epic Education

So here it is: our family travel year in review for 2016. It was a year of road trips, water sports, and exploring more of our temporary home in Spain. In fact, most of 2016’s family travel year in review is based in Spain, but boy-o-boy did we see a lot of Spain! Read on for pics and […]

Family Travel is an Epic Education: The Blog Returns

The Epic Education continues: Family Travel 2016 It’s 2am and we’re standing at a crowded intersection facing a massive sculpture nearly 10 meters high. And it’s on fire. Flames are roaring skyward, searing nearby tree branches as the engulfed figures begin to creak and groan under their own weight. Then suddenly one of the figures lurches forward and falls, […]

Family Travel Year in Review – Epic Education 2014

Man-o-man, what a year! I’ve learned a lot since last January, and have tried to reflect on 2014 in the video you see above, but of course, I don’t expect a YouTube clip to even scratch the surface of everything we’ve seen, learned and felt. Looking back on the year in review, it’s hard to believe that we […]

What I’ve Learned from Family Travel: 15 Insights From a Traveling Dad

People sometimes ask me what I’ve learned from family travel. After our first full year on the road, I tried to express how I felt. Interestingly enough, much of what I wrote then still rings true with us today, but there is more to the story. What I’ve Learned from Family Travel If I’ve learned […]