Zipline in Chiang Mai with Kids

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Zipline in Chiang Mai with Kids

Amongst the many, many things to do in Chiang Mai with kids, going on a zipline tour may be the most popular. There are a number of operators out there, and several are worth a look.

Not with Flight of Gibbon

The biggest (and most expensive / most promoted) tour by far is called Flight of the Gibbon. Their reviews are quite good, and I think they deliver, but we went with a different operator simply because Flight of the Gibbon was nearly twice the price and I was tired of them being pushed on us.

To be clear: I do not sacrifice safety to save a few bucks, and ziplining comes with a certain amount of risk. But Flight of the Gibbon posters were everywhere and tour operators kept trying to sign us up without asking what we wanted (can you say “commission?”), so after a bit of research we went with a different operator called Dragon Flight.

Zipline in Chiang Mai with KidsZipline with Dragon Flight

I was led to believe that Flight of the Gibbon’s zipline course is somehow better, and on a more pristine plot of wilderness. Perhaps, but for our money, Dragon Flight offered more than enough thrills and pristine views.

Our guides were the typical kind you find on outdoors excursions.. Macho, double-Y chromosome dudes who are slightly a less witty and charming than they think they are.

They know five to ten phrases in all the languages of their customer base. At least once an hour, they’ll do something that looks incredibly dangerous — just to show everyone that it’s nothing for them.

I like  guys like this. I wouldn’t want to bunk with them, but they do what they can to keep punters like us entertained on the trail.

As I mentioned in the post about fishing in Chiang Mai with kids, I believe that children need to overcome their fears on their own . Or as Hanna Rosin puts it, that children feel as if they’ve faced danger and survived.

Activities like ziplining are perfect for this. Some jumps are pretty damn high, but between the guide’s joking around I saw professionalism in their gear and their protocol. The course we took included lunch, and there was plenty of food to go around. It wasn’t overly spiced, which my kids were thrilled about. Overall, two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Zipline in Chiang Mai with Kids