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Welcome to Family Travel Podcast, Epic Education Radio that’s all about family travel. Tune in for interviews with a wide variety of families who have chosen to spend time exploring the world with their children.

When it comes to extended travel with kids, there is no magic formula. Everyone does it differently, and my mission here at Epic Education Radio is to spotlight some of these families, and ask them them to share how they’ve been able to make family travel a priority in their lives.

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I ask each guest the same set of questions:

Epic Education Radio podcast: Family Travel Interviews

  1. Epic Intro: Describe your family, your travels, and a few places you’ve been.
  2. Epic Origins: Tell us how you became a traveling family.
  3. Epic Habits: Describe any routines, daily rituals or standard operating procedures in your family’s life.
  4. Epic Economics: How do you fund your travels? How do you manage money on the road?
  5. Epic Essentials: What’s in your bag? What do you carry with you? And why?
  6. Epic Insight: What’s your approach to education? Tell us how you implement it.
  7. Epic Resources: Recommend a few resources that you and your kids use for education, entertainment, travel and more: apps, websites, media and any other online/offline resources.
  8. Epic Advice: Any other tips & strategies related to extended family travel.
  9. Epic Destinations: Tell us about a few places and/or events that you’d recommend to other traveling families.

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Check the show notes pages for some highlights, and make sure to subscribe and download us on iTunes. Make sure to rate and review us as well, you hear? What would YOU like to know about extended family travel? Let me know. And if you’re a traveling family and you’d like to share your story, get in touch!


  1. Hi! We are interested in taking our family on long term travel and are curious how other families handle health insurance on the road without full time jobs. It seems prohibitively expensive. How are others handling this? We are from the U.S. if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  2. Hey! I’ve been loving your podcast! I found it recently and love hearing from other travel families. My family and I are full-time travelers. We sold everything and left Arizona 1 year ago with our four month old daughter at the time. We’ve been to 8 countries with her and are currently in Spain. We’d love to come on your podcast and talk about traveling with a baby! We also work on the road. I teach online piano lessons to 12 students remotely and my husband Mike does photography for companies wherever we are. We feel like we have a lot to share. Our instagram is @thewaltonadventure if you want to check us out. Oh and I’m 20 weeks pregnant so we have that side of our story as well 🙂

    • Hi Carly! So glad to hear that you’re enjoying our podcast. If you don’t mind, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could leave an honest rating & review on iTunes! That helps people find me there. As for being a guest on the podcast, let me look at your stuff and look at the schedule and then I’ll contact you soon. Looking forward!

  3. Hi,
    Where to start. I’m fascinated by what you and your family are doing. It’s something that’s inspired me to make a change in mine and my families lives for a while. I have so many thoughts and questions whirling round in my head, I don’t know where to start. Ok here goes, any advice for a family starting out?


    • Hi Tom. If we’re talking first steps here, then I’d say commit to it: pick a date that’s reasonable* to your plans & present situation, and say “That’s the day we leave” and then work towards that. Then surround yourself with like-minded people as much as you can: read family travel-related blogs, join like-minded Facebook groups and start finding out what you can. As far as work & money, that’s different for every family. Some use savings, others rent their house (if they have one), some (like me) work remotely, others live on a shoestring, make money on the web. Some do all of the above. If you want to do it, though, you just have to set a deadline in the future and then woprk towards it.The biggest step for some people is just committing to it.

      *I say “reasonable” because there are many factors affecting how much time you may need to consider before picking a date: set amount of time or indefinite travel? Staying in pricey places or going dirt cheap in the developing world? How many people and what are their individual needs? How much stuff do you need to deal with before you go? Oh, and money — it’s best to give that some thought: where’s it coming from, how much do we really need, etc.

      • Hi Jason,

        Sorry for not replying sooner. Could you recommend resources to get us started like books, social media internet etc. How long did it take you and your family before you made your first move? Did you and your partner have any teaching experience? I’m going to be starting a TEFL by January, so will see where that takes us.

        Me and my partner don’t have much travelling or teaching experience. We wouldn’t want our son’s education to suffer because of this.

        Thanks for your advice so far, any more would be greatly appreciated.