EER005: Moving to Spain with the Family

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Moving to Spain with your family isn’t easy, but the Wagoners prove it’s possible…and worth it! Meet Alan and Heidi Wagoner from Wagoners Abroad, two adventurous parents who left their home in the United States and moved the family to the southern Spanish coast. We met Alan, Heidi, Lars (13) and Anya (10) in Malaysia earlier this year, and hope to cross paths with them again soon in other parts of the world.

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Moving to Spain with the Family

In this Epic Education Radio family travel interview, Alan and Heidi talk about the gear they carry, their new approach to educating on the road, and their transition from Europe to Southeast Asia, where this interview took place. They are now visiting the US again before returning to Spain.

EER005: Moving to Spain with the familyEPIC INTRO

  • About: Alan and Heidi Wagoner and their kids Lars & Anya (10 and 13). An American family of four who lived in Spain for 2 years before traveling through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian destinations.
  • Their site: Wagoners Abroad   |  Facebook   |  Twitter   |  Pinterest  |  YouTube


  • Living off savings, home equity and some money coming in from travel blogging efforts. Heidi documents their expenses in granular detail on their blog.
  • She uses Excel Spreadsheets exclusively to manage money.



  • Both kids went to public schools while living in Spain, and are now fluent in Spanish.
  • They have been homeschooled as they traveled through Southeast Asia, but are allowed to follow their interests.
  • Some kids learn differently, so you need to adapt to their needs when homeschooling.
  • Technical skills are just as important as conventional schooling, so Coding, Photo Editing, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are part of their curriculum.
  • Lars has a mentorship with Wandering Educators.


Lars and Alan’s video software

Flights and accommodation

For blogging

Other important apps


  • When carrying school books and other paper-bound material, tear out the completed sections as you finish them: the book gets lighter, and the kids see accomplishment.
  • Follow the cheap flights: travel only where the deal is.
  • Families need space and time to relax — try to stay at places with outdoor space/pools, and if everyone starts to get tense, slow down the pace of travel and stay in one place for a while.


Moving to Spain with the family #EER005:Interview with Wagoner

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring us! You are an amazing family and we are thrilled to have met you in person as well. Here’s to more meet ups between our families!

    • My pleasure! Was SO great seeing y’all at the Grand Canyon. Short but sweet. Here’s to more fun in Spain later this year! (*fingers crossed*)