EER013: Patchwork income, Epic living

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EER 013 Vandeventer Patchwork Income Family Travel Interview“From Epic Fail to Epic Life.” That’s how Clark Vandeventer describes the last five years. He and his wife Monica went from living in a garage to traveling with their three kids every year — always returning to Lake Tahoe for ski season.

Patchwork income, Epic living

Clark and I met in Penang, Malaysia one night and I’m so glad we did. We’ve kept in touch since, and it’s quite possible we’ll cross paths again soon — either Stateside or in some random corner of the world.

In this Epic Education Interview, Clark describes how they’ve traveled, how they earn a living through patchwork income, how they educate their kids, and what they’d recommend to other families who choose a life of travel.

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  • Names: Clark and Monica Vandeventer, and their kids Jackson (7), Emery (5) and Abby (2).
  • Holds passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Travels part of the year, but returns to the US for ski season in Lake Tahoe, California.
  • A few places they’ve been: Guatemala, Thailand, Ireland & all across the USA.

Find Them On:  Facebook |  Clark’s Twitter |  Family Trek’s Twitter


  • Road trip in 2009 started as a sabbatical, but became something more (details in the podcast).


  • Utilizing micro-routines (details in podcast)
  • To instill gratitude, sharing everyone’s favorite part of each day during dinnertime.
  • Getting to the airport early: Follow these rules.
  • Unpacking in hotels any time staying more than 2 nights
  • Calling every place they stay “home.”


  • Adopted what they call “patchwork income”
  • Consulting work for non-profits
  • Coaching
  • The site Tahoe Ski Bum
  • Monica builds smartphone apps & websites
  • Credit Card Processing


Crucial items:

For US Travel:

For international travel:

I proudly mentioned my Patagonia underwear

Additional links mentioned:


  • “Our goal is to raise resourceful kids”
  • A mix of homeschooling, unschooling, hackschooling and conventional education
  • Hack Schooling: here’s Logan LaPlant’s TED Talk
  • Learning opportunities are everywhere. For example: navigating the BTS Train System in Bangkok (details in the podcast)


For kids:

For parents:

I mentioned Parkinson’s Law


  • Seek out people like you: Being around like-minded people very important.
  • Slow down and enjoy each kid’s development: “My son is seven now. The three year old version of him is gone forever, and I’ll only have this seven-year-old version for one year.”


  • Central America. Specifically Guatemala & the Lake Atitlan area.
  • Thailand

Patchwork Income - #EER013_Vandeventer

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