EER014: Unschooling and Intercultural Education

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Unschooling and Intercultural Education can be crucial elements in one’s life of learning, and Jessie Voigts has dedicated her life to both. She was first bitten by the travel bug in junior high school. After a stint as an exchange student in Japan, she knew that travel and cultural study would be a part of her life forever.

Unschooling and Intercultural Education

EER 015: Jessie Voigts Unschooling and Intercultural EducationNow Jessie manages Wandering Educators, a library of articles by an eclectic group of global and traveling teachers and instructors bent on sharing their passion with like-minded individuals.

With a PhD in International Education, Jessie has written six books about travel and intercultural learning, and has made it a mission to mentor youth in the art of writing and blogging. Here she explains the importance of an intercultural education and how their daughter uses unschooling techniques to learn about the world.

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  • Names: Jessie Voigts and Ed Forteau and their daughter, Lillie Forteau (12)
  • Type of travel: World travel before, more local (Midwest USA) travel now to stay close to aging family
  • A few places they’ve been: Japan, Scotland, Turkey, and much of the United States

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  • From a traveling family. Jessie caught the travel bug after being an exchange student in Japan during junior high school.


  • Avoid “weekend jaunts.” Instead take week-long or month-long trips.
  • Always rent apartments instead of hotel rooms.
  • For the best intercultural education, do your best to “live like a local.”


Both Ed and Jessie work online, mainly with:


Instead of Flat Stanley, Lillie carries a Little Ugly doll with her.


  • Unschoolers: “When your kid finds something they’re interested in, you go deep.”
  • Examples of their study of ancient Egypt detailed in the podcast.


Lillie’s Sites, Apps, Youtube & TV:

Lillie’s offline:

Ed & Jessie’s online recommendations:



  • Local, local, local: Shop the local markets, eat where the locals eat, and watch some local TV shows (including local kid’s shows) before you go.
  • Try a Homestay
  • Try to make friends before you go (details in the podcast)


  • Ireland & Scotland
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Westside Market — Cleveland, Ohio
  • Washington D.C.
  • Michigan Sunset Coast
  • Art Museums everywhere!

Unschooling and Intercultural Education #EER014: Interview with Voigts

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