EER017: One Family’s Move to the Caribbean

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EER 017: Darryl Kotyk and his family's move to the Caribbean

What would you move to the Caribbean for? For some, biking is a hobby. For Darryl Kotyk, it’s a passion. His family’s move to the Caribbean was based on the desire to find a better place for him, his family…and their bicycles. Darryl is a devoted husband, father of three, and cycling enthusiast based on the island of Grenada.

One Family’s Move to the Caribbean

For over 5 years, Darryl’s cycling blog, Loving the Bike, has been a favorite digital media hub for bike lovers around the world. Darryl also co-hosts the Cycling 360 podcast and is one of the founders of the popular weekly Twitter chat called #bikeschool.  On top of it all, he’s the proud owner of the Caribbean’s first and only bicycle cafe: Mocha Spoke.

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  • Names: Darryl Kotyk, his wife Amanda and their kids Kassi (16), Indie (9) and River (5).
  • Hold passports from: Canada
  • A few places his family has been: Belize, Barbados and now lives in Grenada

Find Them On:  Loving the Bike | Cycling 360 Podcast | Mocha Spoke | Loving the Bike Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | #BikeSchool | Youtube

EPIC ORIGINSEER 017: Darryl Kotyk and his family's move to the Caribbean

  • Canada > St. Kits > USA (Austin) > Canada > Grenada


  • Travel like you live there
  • Stay in apartments, not hotels


  • Rented house at first
  • Now runs Mocha Spoke, a cycling cafe
  • Bank accounts in Canada and Grenada
  • The saga of opening a bank account in Grenada


EER 017: Darryl Kotyk and his family's move to the caribbean


  • Daughter homeschooled: It took three tries for it to “click.”
  • Son was in a local school, but starting at Discover-e soon.
  • His youngest will be homeschooled.





  • Don’t leave stuff in storage. Just get rid of it, because you won’t remember it once you’re gone.


  • Austin, Texas
  • Grenada

EER 017: Darryl Kotyk and his family's move to the Caribbean

One Family's Move to the Caribbean #EER017: Interview with Kotyk

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