EER019: World Travel Family & Simple Life Romania

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EER 019: Alyson Long from World Travel Family

Alyson Long is part of a truly World Travel Family. In June 2013, she and her two young sons left her adoptive home of Port Douglas, Australia with one-way tickets to Malaysia. Her husband caught up with them soon after, and since then the family has been through Southeast Asia, India and Sri Lanka, the Americas and Europe, using London as a place to sort out various work and family obligations.

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World Travel Family & Simple Life Romania

Now building a house in Romania, Alyson and company will soon have a base, but that doesn’t mean they’re staying still. In this Epic Education Interview, Alyson talks about homeschooling, travel gear, their views on electronics and travel and more. She blogs at World Travel Family.


  • Names: Alyson Long, her husband and their two boys 11 and 8 years old.
  • Hold passports from: UK & Australia
  • A few places they’ve been: Southeast Asia, India, North America & Central America. Just bought a house in Romania.

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  • No electronics outside of the house: don’t use phones or other smart devices once they step outside.
  • Walk a lot with the kids

EER 019: World Travel Family & Alyson LongEPIC ECONOMICS

  • Started trip with $30,000 and used that the first year
  • Renting house in Australia
  • Working on building income through World Travel Family
  • Husband is a chef, who now picks up work in London, saves the money “and off we go again.”



  • Oldest son homeschooled since he was around seven.
  • Youngest son has been homeschooled from the start.
  • They have practiced unschooling, but have now integrated more bookwork.





  • Get on with it: if you want to go, then make it happen
  • Put the kids first


  • Sri Lanka
  • Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • London, UK
  • Romania

World Travel Family & Simple Life Romania #EER019 Alyson Long

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