EER020.2: Single Dad, Gay Family Travel (part two)

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EER 020 (part 2): Talon Windwalker & single-dad, gay family travel

 Last week you heard part one of my conversation with Talon Windwalker, a man with a unique story and perspective on family travel. A single, gay father with a teen, Talon and his son, Tigger have been all over the world, traveling and living abroad since 2008.

Single Dad, Gay Family Travel (part two)

Talon is also fantastic voice for travel on the web, where I first met him as an administrator for the incredible Facebook group, Families on the Move, and his blog, 1Dad1Kid, is one of the first places I drew inspiration from early on in my research into long-term family travel.

I found our conversation for this episode so interesting that I kept it going far beyond the usual time constraints, and I thank Talon for staying with me for it all. Part one stayed with the origin of his life as a traveling parent, while part two delves into his recommendations and advice, his essential travel items, and his views on gay family travel in Malaysia, Morocco, Budapest, Romania and beyond. Enjoy!

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  • Names: Talon Windwalker and his son (aka Tigger), now 14 years old. Talon is a single father who adopted Tigger in 2008. Talon tells the story here.
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Indefinite, since 2011
  • A few places they’ve been: Honduras, Madagascar, Romania and many more (32 countries and 6 continents so far).
  • Despite traveling to countries where homosexuality is not widely accepted, (Malaysia, Morocco, etc), Talon is proof that gay family travel is possible worldwide (with exceptions such as Russia, of course, which we discuss briefly).

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  • A medical mission to the Philippines was a turning point in his views of travel, community, family time and materialism.
  • Chance meetings with the GotPassport family and Nancy Sathre-Vogel of Family on Bikes cemented the idea.
  • Moving to Mexico and “having to adjust to doing less.”  (details in the podcast)


  • No electronics during dinner time.
  • Always have a safety plan in place when in crowds or  when taking public transportation — and review it often (details in the podcast).
  • With young ones, take a quick picture of your kid(s) with your phone so you have a current photo to show people if you are separated.


  • Medical transcription
  • Freelance writing/photography work
  • Worked as a SCUBA trainer in Honduras
  • Also income from the blog



  • Talon & Tigger are worldschoolers.
  • Tigger has special needs related to anxiety & sensory processing, which diminished once out of the traditional school environment. He once took multiple medications in school. Now he needs none of them (more details in the podcast).




For Talon:

  • Morocco
  • Vietnam

For both of them:

  • Malaysia
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Budapest
  • Romania (“Amazing produce and the fastest wifi speed in Europe”)

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