EER023: Coffee, Rick Steves, Travel with Teens

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EER 023: LearnLiveTravel discuss travel with teens & more

Travel with little kids has its challenges, but travel with teens requires a different approach. Meet Gretchen Richter and Rodrigo DeMedeiros, a couple who left Seattle, Washington to take the family on a year-long, round-the-world trip.

Coffee, Rick Steves, Travel with Teens

Rodrigo is an impressive photographer and videographer, and the family’s video series is definitely worth checking out (the Buenos Aires and Cusco episodes are my favorites so far). His list of camera gear may be of particular interest to you shutterbugs — especially after you see what he’s created with it. Join us for a lively conversation as we discuss travel resources, spreadsheets, coffee makers, Rick Steves, library cards and the challenges of family travel with teens.

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  • Names: Rodrigo DeMedeiros & Gretchen Richter, their daughter Bella (16) and son Marco (12) — along with good friend and teacher, Heather Holmes (Marco’s former nanny)
  • Hold passports from: USA & Brazil
  • Type of travel: year-long RTW
  • A few places they’ve been: South Africa, Argentina, Czech Republic, Turkey and many others

Find Them On:  Their site  |  Trip Advisor Reviews  |  Twitter  |  Instagram | Rodrigo’s Work  |  Rodrigo’s Vimeo Channel  |  Heather’s Blog  |  The latest episode of their video series


  • Gretchen was a military kid and lived abroad as a child.
  • Gretchen & Rodrigo met in Brazil.
  • Rodrigo spent 5 years as a stay-at-home dad. His parents moved to Costa Rica, so he would take the kids to visit them.
  • Took the kids to Brazil for 6 weeks in 2011.

EPIC RULES & ROUTINESEER 023: LearnLiveTravel discuss travel with teens & more

  • Rodrigo hates flying, so leave Rodrigo alone on travel days
  • Rent apartments instead of staying in hotels
  • Stay at least a week in any place they stayed
  • Make a schedule (details in the podcast)


  • Used savings
  • Gretchen sold some Microsoft stock
  • Rented their house
  • Saved all receipts & wrote down every time they used cash, then Gretchen adds all to a spreadsheet once a week


Rodrigo’s audio-visual gear:

* All NIKKOR lenses bought second-hand: “I bought older manual focus models because they are ideal for video, much better build, and really cheap.”

EER 023: LearnLiveTravel discuss travel with teens & moreEPIC INSIGHT

  • The knew they were coming back, so researched their state’s laws regarding homeschooling.
  • Enrolled Bella into specific online courses associated with her high school
  • Considers their year on the road as worldschooling and experiential learning


*I wasn’t a fan of Rick Steves until I read “Tune out cable news and turn away fear” and “Ten Tips for Making Travel a Political Act” in 2014


  • Stay in locations at least 7 days each
  • Cook a lot: it saves money and you learn more about the people and the culture
  • Regarding travel with teens and tweens, actively seek the right balance of:
    • Togetherness and alone time
    • Activities that are required and that are optional
    • Everyone needs a job
    • More details in the podcast
    • Posts about traveling with teens HERE and HERE


  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • The Pantanal in Brazil
  • The Valdez Peninsula in Argentina

EER 023: LearnLiveTravel discuss travel with teens & more

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  1. Jason, it was such an honor to be interviewed by you and included with all these other families pursuing epic educations! Thank you for including us.