EER028: Peru Family Travel

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EER028: The Tupy family talks Peru family travel

Interested in Peru family travel? Listen up. To say Matt and Michelle Tupy love travel and adventure would be quite an understatement. The couple met in China back in 2004, and have basically been on the move ever since.

Peru Family Travel

The Tupy family now consists of four members, and their latest trip will be an amazing accomplishment once it’s completed: driving overland from South America all the way to Niagara Falls, Canada in Volkswagen camper van from the 1980s. I ask them about their origins as a traveling family, and how they make a living. Listen in as we discuss education, Youtube celebrities, the search for a good mechanic, and the joys of Peru family travel.

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  • Names: Matt & Michelle Tupy, their daughter Emilia (10) and son Mathew (5)
  • Hold passports from: Canada & Australia
  • Type of travel: Slow travel. Driving overland from Peru to Canada in a 1982 VW Kombi.
  • A few places they’ve been: China, Canada, Australia, Peru

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  • Matt & Michelle met in China in 2004 and have been traveling ever since.EER028: The Tupy family talks Peru family travel


  • Whenever they arrive somewhere new, Michelle looks for internet while Matt looks for parking & food.


  • Michelle is a ghost writer/travel writer and Matt is an English teacher/hotel manager.
  • Arranged some jobs through WorkAwayEER028: The Tupy family talks Peru family travel



  • The Tupy family uses a mix of homeschooling and worldschooling. Kids have been enrolled in schools in Canada and Peru for periods of time, with more homeschooling/worldschooling as they travel. Examples and anecdotes in the podcast.EER028: The Tupy family talks Peru family travel



  • Kids can make friends anywhere
  • Arrange meetups in new places you visit


  • Cusco, Peru and Nazca, Peru, including the (but not exclusively) the Nazca Lines. Peru family travel is great!

Peru Family Travel #EER028: Interview with The Tupy Family

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