EER030: Long-term Family Travel Planning

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EER030: Karen King talks long-term family travel planning

Meet Karen King. She and her husband Cameron plan to take their kids on an indefinite adventure starting in January 2016. Karen and company have traveled before, but this will be their first stint of long-term travel, and their plans aren’t like any other family I’ve interviewed so far.

Long-term Family Travel planning

You see, Cameron plans to keep his job in Australia, and when I say “keep his job,” I don’t mean remote working.  No, he plans to return to Australia every two weeks! An unusual plan to be sure, but it could very likely fall into the “so crazy it just might work” category. Here I talk with Karen about her previous travels, what she plans to carry with her, and many other details on her mind related to family travel planning.

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  • Names: Karen King, husband Cameron, son Brody (11) and daughter Siena (5)
  • Hold passports from: Australia (near Melbourne)
  • Type of travel: planning long-term travel from January 2016
  • A few places they’ve been: South America, United States, Fiji, Australia

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EER030: Karen King talks long-term family travel planningEPIC ORIGINS

  • Had a cake business and was very busy
  • Didn’t want to miss their childhood
  • Read The 4-Hour Workweek on a plane and decided to make the step


  • Always get out for at least 1 hour in the morning


  • Cameron works as a chef on an oil rig offshore of Australia. He plans to keep working — 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.
  • Karen started an online design businesss

EPIC ESSENTIALSEER030: Karen King talks long-term family travel planning


  • Plans to switch to unschooling in January


EER030: Karen King talks long-term family travel planningEPIC ADVICE

  • Travel light
  • Create an action plan (details in the podcast)
  • Planning travel is more than the travel itself


  • Fiji
  • All-inclusive cruises

Long-term Family Travel planning #EER030: Interview with Karen King

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