EER031: Large Family Travel Tips

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EER031: The Denning Family talks large family travel tips

If you’re in need to large family travel tips, look no further than Greg and Rachel Denning. It’s not every day that you come across a family of eight — EIGHT!— who are completely location independent, but team Denning isn’t just any family.

Large Family Travel Tips

Living abroad since 2007, Greg and Rachel have lived, worked and homeschooled their six children in Alaska, Costa Rica, India and many places in between. I spoke with them from Morocco, where they are currently based. Listen in as we discuss travel gear, worldschooling across multiple ages, parenting in foreign lands, the value of real books versus electronic ones, and lots of other large family travel tips.

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  • Names: Greg and Rachel Denning and their 6 children (13, 11, 10, 9, 5 and 1.5 years old)
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Traveling and living abroad since 2007
  • A few places they’ve been: Central America, Europe, India and Morocco

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  • A few trips to Latin America as a young man “lit the fire” for Greg, and then Rachel wanted to experience it as well.
  • During a late honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico — they were already married, had three children, and Rachel was pregnant with their fourth — they went to a local church and had an epiphany (details in the podcast).


  • The morning routine includes reading, devotional and study time
  • Greg reads to the kids every night
  • All meals together
  • Outsource work when available/affordable

EER031: The Denning Family talks large family travel tipsEPIC ECONOMICS

    • Moved to Costa Rica using income from real estate and stock market investments. But when the economic downturn came in 2008, and they had to move back to the US and find work.
    • Afterwards — after stints in India, Dominican Republic, Alaska and other places — began trying to make money online through a blog (details in the podcast).
  • Greg teaches and coaches online.EER031: The Denning Family talks large family travel tips


  • Diapers 😉
  • 2 MacBook Pros 
  • 2 iPhones 6s
  • Multiple Kindles
  • Lots and lots of BOOKS. Real ones. They carry extra luggage full of them (their reasoning in the podcast and on their blog)
  • Plastic cups (because lots of places have glasses and tile floors…not good with 6 kids!)

EER031: The Denning Family talks large family travel tipsEPIC INSIGHT

  • Their feelings on Worldschooling in the podcast
  • Rachel tries to have a weekly meeting with each child (details in the podcast)


EER031: The Denning Family talks large family travel tipsEPIC ADVICE

  • Take it slow
  • The Dennings usually don’t spend less than 3 months in a place (6 weeks is a short stay)
  • Don’t live like it’s a vacation — this is your life now
  • Seek out cool playgrounds — you may want to see that museum/temple/UNESCO site, but most young kids just want a playground


  • India
  • Morocco
  • Peru
  • Guatemala

Large Family Travel Tips #EER031: Interview with Denning

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