EER032: Family Moving to Spain

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EER032: Family moving to Spain — Krystal Loverin's story

Subscribe #Epic Famiry Travel on iTuneStitcherButton300x110Meet Krystal Loverin, and veteran and mother of three. After tours in both Kuwait and Iraq, Krystal decided to live life with purpose. She wanted to see more of the world, and she didn’t want to wait any longer.

Family Moving to Spain

She drove all over Mexico, and then, after careful planning with her husband, José, she transplanted her family to Salamanca, Spain for a year. Their two daughters attend local Spanish schools while she gets her ESL certification at a fraction of the price it would cost in the United States. Listen in as we discuss gear, the GI Bill, education, budgeting, adjusting to Spanish culture and other aspects of her family moving to Spain.


  • Names: Krystal Loverin, her husband, José, and their daughters Erika (13) and Mia (8)
  • Hold passports from: USA and Mexico
  • Type of travel: Slow travel. Lived in Mexico before moving to Spain. Now visiting a new country every month
  • A few places they’ve been: Pacific Northwest, almost every state in Mexico, Iceland, Italy, Spain

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EER032: Family moving to Spain — Krystal Loverin's storyEPIC ORIGINS

  • Krystal grew up in the US and moved around a lot as a kid, living in many different places. She spent ten years in the Army National Guard in Oregon and did tours of duty in Kuwait and Iraq. After surviving a few events during her tour, she decided to travel and see the world now, not later. She met José soon after and they began their life together. Jose grew up in Mexico and has never traveled. Krystal’s oldest daughter (now 20) has stayed in the US.


  • The girls go to public schools in Spain
  • Krystal manages the household and goes to grad school
  • Jose manages the shopping and meals and takes online courses to become a nutritionist/personal trainer
  • They’ve embraced the Spanish culture, taking naps together — not just to sleep, but for Krystal to have to quiet time with the girls and check in on how they’re doing

EER032: Family moving to Spain — Krystal Loverin's storyEPIC ECONOMICS

  • Living in Spain on a student visa while she gets a Master’s Degree in ESL
  • A Master’s in ESL in the United States is a 2-year program and costs approx. USD $30,000
  • A Master’s in ESL in Spain is a 1-year program and costs approx. USD $3,000
  • The GI Bill and the VA Disability Bill help pay for schooling and accommodation (details in the podcast)
  • Both worked before Spain. Tax refunds and one paycheck a month went straight into savings
  • Monthly budget is about USD $1,000 a month to live (details in the podcast)
  • Schoolbooks & supplies were about USD $500 for both kids at the very start of the school year


  • Osprey Talon 22liter and Osprey Talon 44liter (“I would say that my 22L is too small for more than a weekend”)
  • eBags CalPak Champ 21″ Rolling Duffel
  • eBags packing cubes 4pc Classic Plus Set (her unique packing technique in the podcast)
  • Many Kindle Fire HD
  • Rechargeable packs
  • T-Mobile for their phones & devices (free international data and text messaging, phone calls .20cents a minute)

EPIC INSIGHTEER032: Family moving to Spain — Krystal Loverin's story

  • Krystal was homeschooled as a child and has homeschooled the kids before they went to local schools in Spain.
  • Believes in worldschooling (details in the podcast)


  • Talon Windwalker’s travel blog 1Dad1Kid (Talon was a guest on episode #20)
  • The Families on the Move group on Facebook
  • Witopia VPN to continue watching our Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora, etc while we are outside the US


  • Always have a second set of clothes with you
  • Family meetings: always make sure you all understand each other
  • Learn to read your kids’ and spouse’s body cues


  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Mexico City
  • Pacific Northwest in the United States

Family Moving to Spain #EER032: Interview with Loverin

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