EER034: LGBT Family Travel and more

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EER 034: Darcy Tuscano, LGBT family travel and more

Family travel is a perennial topic of websites and magazines, but LGBT family travel has only just begun to receive the coverage it deserves. We first met Darcy and Katie in Penang, Malaysia back in 2013. Their twin boys, Max and Sebastian were rather shy and reserved then, thrust into a group of loud and gregarious traveling families with older kids, all talking at the same time as we got to know each other.

LGBT Family Travel and more

Now fast forward two years, and we meet again in southern Spain, where they have settled for a year, and the boys are shouting excitedly about the “treasure” and “fossils” they’ve found on the beach. It was great to meet up again. A few weeks before we met face to face, Darcy and I settled into a skype call where we talked about their travels and their journey from New York City to South East Asia to Florida and now to Spain. Listen in as we discuss money, gear, Spanish Resident Visas, LGBT family travel and more.

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  • Names: Darcy Tuscano, her wife, Katie, and their twin sons Max and Sebastian, who are almost 6 years old at the time of writing). Katie’s biological eggs + Darcy’s womb = two happy moms and two happy boys. Details in the podcast.
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Short-term and long-term, both fast & slow. Now expats living in Spain.
  • A few places they’ve been: Argentina, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and all over Southeast Asia

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EER 034: Darcy Tuscano, LGBT family travel and moreEPIC ORIGINS

  • While pregnant with the twins, Darcy searched the web for travel bloggers with twins and found Families on Bikes.
  • Traded a NYC preschool budget for a worldschooling 6-month backpacking trip through South East Asia.


  • All dinners together, with no screens. “Important to teach children the social aspect of family meals.”
  • Fairly “screen-free” family. The boys do not use any devices, including iPads.
  • Books and snuggle-time at night before bed no matter where they are.

EER 034: Darcy Tuscano, LGBT family travel and moreEPIC ECONOMICS

  • Saved for 1.5 years for their Southeast Asia trip, including FF miles and hotel points.
  • Lived in a 1-bedroom apartment.
  • Said “NO” to expensive meals, new clothes, the latest gadgets, etc.
  • Kate left her job to move to Spain and is establishing a freelance career.
  • Their expenses in Spain are half of what they spent in the US.
  • Details about their strategy and visa for moving to Spain in the podcast.


EER 034: Darcy Tuscano, LGBT family travel and moreEPIC INSIGHT

  • Traveled during preschool years, a year of Montessori school in the US, and now kindergarten in local schools in Spain, with homeschooling the English they’re missing.


EER 034: Darcy Tuscano, LGBT family travel and moreEPIC ADVICE

  • Your kids are more capable than you think they are.
  • Keep things flexible: don’t plan everything out.
  • Pack everything you think you need, look at it for a few days, and then take half of it out.


  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka

LGBT Family Travel and more #EER034: Interview with Tuscano

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