EER035: Family Travel Tips from Our Past 13 Guests

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EER035: 13 Vital Family Travel Tips from Past Episodes

Greetings from Spain! Always enjoy learning family travel tips (or is that just me?) aren’t you? In this episode, I’ve pulled one or two useful family travel tips from our past 13 podcasts to share with you here. Listen in!

Each family I interview is very unique, and I learn from each guest I talk to. Listen in as I share some important lessons I’ve learned from other families traveling with children. In addition, I also highlight several running themes, patterns and routines that I find many happy and successful traveling families share.

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Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or still planning your big family trip, I’m sure that you can find some useful family travel tips in this episode. You can listen to it above, or go straight to the source and listen to the full interviews by following the links below. Or find me on iTunes or Stitcher, where you can subscribe and have the episodes zapped to your device automatically.

Full episodes below:

EER034: LGBT Family Travel and more

Meet Darcy, Katie and their twin boys, Max & Sebastian. Listen in as we discuss money, gear, Spanish Resident Visas, LGBT family travel and more.

EER 034: Darcy Tuscano, LGBT family travel and more

EER033: Sailing, Podcasting, Large Family Travel Planning

Meet Erik Hemingway, the voice behind the Family Adventure Podcast and a master of a large family travel planning. Here we talk money, teens & teamwork.

EER033: Erik Hemingway, sailing, podcasting and family travel planning

EER032: Family Moving to Spain

Krystal is a veteran & mother of 3 who lived in Mexico before moving to Spain. Here we discuss gear, education, budgeting & other life in Salamanca.

EER032: Family moving to Spain — Krystal Loverin's story

EER031: Large Family Travel Tips

Meet the Dennings, a family of 8 living abroad since 2004. Here we discuss gear, books, worldschooling and lots of other large family travel tips.

EER031: The Denning Family talks large family travel tips

EER030: Long-term Family Travel Planning

The King family leaves on an adventure in January 2016. Here we talk about gear, research and other details related to family travel planning.

EER030: Karen King talks long-term family travel planning

EER029: An Epic Family Travel Around The World

Wow: 36 countries in 11 months. Tom Fassbender discusses travel gear, Easter Island & other stories from their exceptional family travel around the world.

EER029: Tom Fassbender and his family round-the-world trip

EER028: Peru Family Travel

EER028: Matt and Michelle Tupy of discuss education, Youtube celebrities, the search for a good mechanic & the joys of Peru family travel.

EER028: The Tupy family talks Peru family travel

EER027: Family Travel in Europe & more

Katie Barnes talks about worldschooling, family travel in Europe, homeschooling in Spain and why they’ve returned to Prague after a long absence.

EER027: Katie Barnes talks family travel in Europe & more

EER026: Vietnam Family Travel Tips

Barbara Adam of Saigon Street Eats tours discusses French schools, milk bottles, picture books, Saigon cafes and Vietnam family travel tips.

EER026: Barbara Adam discusses Vietnam family travel tips and more

EER025: Family Gap Year Itinerary

Bliss Broyard discusses her family gap year itinerary, the power of audiobooks, & how she kept her kids on track to return to school after a year.

EER 025: Bliss Broyard discusses her family gap year itinerary

EER024: Starting Out, Family Travel Gear & more

The Tolentino family just started an indefinite journey around the world. Listen as we discuss family travel gear, Ernest Hemingway, pirates and more.

EER024: Andrew Tolentino discusses family travel gear and more

EER023: Coffee, Rick Steves, Travel with Teens

Gretchen & Rodrigo of discuss cameras, spreadsheets, coffee makers, Rick Steves, library cards and family travel with teens.

EER 023: LearnLiveTravel discuss travel with teens & more

EER022: Gap Years, Family Travel Insurance & more

From mid-life crisis to mid-life opportunity. The Intrepid Johnsons discuss snakes, credit cards, life before Skype and family travel insurance.

EER 022: The Intrepid Johnsons discuss Family Travel Insurance & more

Family Travel Tips from Our Past 13 Guests #EER035: Episode 22-34


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    Really enjoyed listening to this, primarily just to hear about other families that love to travel and blog.

    Great Stuff!