EER040: How to Travel the World with a Family

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How to Travel the World with a Family, with Cliff Hsia

How to travel the world with a family — there are countless ways to do it (indeed, that’s what this podcast is all about!). Cliff Hsia has figured out a way for his family to travel together, and it involves saving, working remotely and putting his daughters in local schools for short periods of time. What it does not involve, however, is living nomadically.

How to Travel the World with a Family

Cliff and his family still live in the Bay Area of California, but still find ways to spend significant time on other countries, including a four-month trip in 2014 and a ten-month trip in 2015. Listen in and hear Cliff’s advice on how to travel the world with a family, including:

  • Their three-pronged approach to education
  • How visiting family in far-off places inspired them to travel
  • Cliff’s recommendations for family travel gear, working remotely, saving money for travel
  • and more, (time codes for specific questions below)


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  • 02:47 Origins as a traveling family
  • 08:30 Their most important routine when traveling
  • 11:10 Tips and tools for working and saving money
  • 25:42 The gear in their packs
  • 33:08 How they use worldschooling and local schools when they travel
  • 41:41 Cliff’s recommended resources
  • 52:48 Cliff’s favorite places to go with kids




  • San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Antigua, Guatemala
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Barcelona, Spain


  • Cliff Hsia, his wife Karen, and their two daughters (6 and 4 years old )
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: both short-term and gap-year travel. 18 countries in 4 continents.
  • A few places they’ve been: Nicaragua, Guatemala, Spain, China, Thailand

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How to Travel the World with a Family, with Cliff Hsia

How to Travel the World with a Family, with Cliff Hsia

How to Travel the World with a Family, with Cliff Hsia

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means, at no extra cost to you,  we might receive a small commission if you make a purchase or book using those links. My opinions are my own and I only recommend places/services that I believe will genuinely help your travel.


  1. Best Tour Operator in Jaipur says

    Lovely! Family traveler needs these tips and they are really helpful as well.

  2. I most important fact is travel with family. I am afraid just think about it, budget, maintenance, family security, packing, planning and there more. Your post is helpful, but I want to know more about who to solve or tips on this problems.

    • You’ve mentioned some very important parts of family travel, Mary. I’m trying to cover those as best I can, but one episode isn’t enough time. We cover various aspects of family travel each week. I hope you find what you need in other episodes!