EER041: LGBT Family Travel with 2TravelDads

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EER041: LGBT Family Travel with Rob Taylor from 2TravelDads

Rob and Chris Taylor run the LGBT family travel blog Together with their two sons, they spend as much time as they can on the road. The Taylors live and work in the Pacific Northwest, but they enjoy travel in many areas of North America, including Canada and Mexico.

LGBT Family Travel with 2TravelDads

Listen in as we discuss LGBT family travel, napping strategies, what they take with them when they travel, and why they always carry their own car seat. Rob also talks about how he and Chris started a family, where they like to travel with the kids and how they have used Chris’s business trips to save money on family travel.

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  • 02:20 Intro
  • 06:56 Origin Story
  • 10:12 Their sleeping habits
  • 14:47 How timing and work-related business trips help them save money
  • 21:42 What they carry with them and why they bring their own car seat
  • 31:06 Resources
  • 36:40 Recommended destinations


  • Names: Rob Taylor, his husband, Chris, and their two sons (4 years and 14 months old)
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Holiday travel and camping
  • Recommended destinations: Vancouver Island, the Florida Coast, Yellowstone National Park




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