EER043: Moving to Morocco with Kids—MarocMama

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Moving to Morocco with kids. Living in Morocco with children. Family life in Morocco and cooking Moroccan food. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like, then you’ll find this interview very, very interesting.

Moving to Morocco with Kids—MarocMama

Meet Amanda Mouttaki and her husband, Youssef. When their oldest son was eight, they moved their family from the United States to Marrakech, Morocco, where their two boys could learn Arabic and learn more about their father’s cultural heritage. Three years later, Amanda is running a fantastic travel blog, and she and Youssef manage a successful Moroccan food tour business. Tune in!

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  • 02:34 Introduction and origins
  • 06:15 The kids’ adjustment to life in Morocco and school for the boys
  • 13:54 How Amanda and her husband dealt with culture shock
  • 16:54 Challenges with language and being a non-Moroccan woman living in Marrakech
  • 25:45 Her work and how she and her husband started a business in Morocco
  • 30:14 Travel gear and what they brought with them to Morocco
  • 37:51 Recommended resources
  • 42:58 Recommended family travel destinations


  • Names: Amanda Mouttaki, her husband Youssef, and their two boys (now 11 and 9)
  • Hold passports from: USA, Morocco
  • Type of travel: Living in Marrakech since 2013 and traveling regularly from there
  • A few places they’ve been: Numerous locations across Asia, North America, Europe and Africa




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