EER046: Slow Travel and House Sitting with Kids

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EER046: Slow Travel and House Sitting with Kids

Have you considered house sitting with kids? Many families are using house sit assignments to travel across the world, virtually rent-free.

That’s what Donna Carvell and her husband Simon have done, and they’re doing it with their young daughter. “We take care of people’s homes and pets when they are away and we do not get paid for it. Our payment comes in free accommodation,” says Donna. “It is an amazingly cost-effective way to travel. We only spend on average $800 per month, which is made up of travel costs, food, tourism, and insurance. Also, because we are living in someone’s house, it is amazing what opportunities we are given by friends and neighbors that are way off of the tourist track!”

EER046: Slow Travel and House Sitting with Kids

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  • 03:10 Introduction
  • 04:40 Their origins as a traveling family
  • 06:42 Recommended Destinations
  • 09:24 Their advice on meal and nap routines
  • 13:42 How they fund their travelers and budget
  • 15:24 How they got started with house sitting
  • 22:32 Travel gear
  • 27:07 Resources


  • Names: Donna Carvell, her husband, Simon and their daughter, Araya (3 years old)
  • Hold passports from: USA, UK
  • Type of travel: Housesitting with kids (over 20 homes in 2 years).


  • Laos
  • Christmas in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)



Accommodation & House Sitting with Kids:

Work:  Donna teaches English online through VIPkid

Offline:  Little Free Libraries

Books:  French Children Don’t Throw Food


3 On The Road | Facebook House Sitting Group

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