EER047: Living, Biking and Teaching in Korea

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EER047: Living, biking and teaching in Korea

 Teaching in Korea is an increasingly popular way for Westerners to find work in the country. Originally contracted to teach for two years, she and her family of three are now in their ninth year in Korea.

Living, Biking and Teaching in Korea

In this Epic Education Radio interview, I ask Emma about how they got started teaching in Korea. We also discuss slow travel, their biking adventures in the country, their day-to-day budgeting, their essential travel gear and their son’s educational journey via bilingual schools, local schools and homeschooling.

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  • 02:33 Teaching in Korea and how two years became nine
  • 09:30 How their son adapted to the life (and language) in Korea
  • 11:37 Homeschooling in Korea
  • 15:04 How they budget & manage money
  • 19:00 Their bikes, electronics and travel gear
  • 24:05 Websites and resources
  • 28:05 Their approach to education
  • 29:40 Thoughts on family meditation
  • 31:20 Recommended destinations

Living, Biking and Teaching in Korea #EER047: Interview with Emma HallWHO THEY ARE

  • Names: Emma Hall, her husband Jarrod, and their son, Sebastian (13 y/o)
  • Hold passports from: Australia
  • Type of travel: Slow travel. Travel by bicycle. Living in Korea, teaching English and traveling in Asia.
  • A few places they’ve been: Bali, Taiwan, Philippines, and have biked all around Korea, where they live.


  • Jeju Island, Korea
  • Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
  • Malapascua Island, Philippines




EER047: Living, biking and teaching in Korea

EER047: Living, biking and teaching in Korea

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