EER049: Nomadic Family Travel with a toddler

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EER049: Nomadic family travel with a toddler Cambodia Family Travel

 Long-term travel with a toddler: impossible, right? Wrong. In fact, for some traveling families, it can be one of the best times for world travel. It has certainly been rewarding for Konrad and Regina Braun.

Digital nomads before becoming parents, Konrad and Regina returned to their home country of Canada for the birth and first year of their daughter, Olivia. Then on her first birthday, they took off, going to Chiang Mai, Thailand before settling in Hoi An, Vietnam, where I spoke to them for this interview. Tune in as we discuss searching for housing, working online, childproofing with duct tape and other new aspects of their life of nomadic family travel with a toddler.

Nomadic Family Travel with a Toddler

  • Names: Conrad & Regina Braun, and their daughter, Olivia, now 20 months old
  • Hold passports from: Canada and Germany
  • Type of travel: Nomadic family travel with a toddler — traveled extensively as a couple, returned to Canada for birth, then started traveling again after Olivia turned one.
  • A few places they’ve been: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia & Cambodia

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  • 02:50 Nomadic family travel with a toddler — the origins
  • 05:58 How they travel differently now with a baby
  • 09:08 Benefits and challenges of traveling with a toddler, including nap time
  • 13:22 Looking for a house in Vietnam
  • 16:07 Money and blogging for income
  • 18:14 Working online in Hoi An (Vietnam) compared to Chiang Mai (Thailand)
  • 21:10 Monetizing their blog and the challenges of working with brands from SEA
  • 22:48 Cards, Bank accounts and ATM fees
  • 25:07 Travel Gear and the magic of duct tape for nomadic parents
  • 31:58 Resources and a useful game for their daughter
  • 36:12 Podcast recommendations




Nomadic Family Travel with a toddler. Digital Nomad Family Travel

EER049: Nomadic family travel with a toddler Cambodia Family Travel Thailand Bangkok Chiang Mai

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