EER050: Slow Travel & Remote Working with Kids

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Epic Education Radio Podcast EER050: Slow Travel and Remote Working with Kids. Family Travel Podcast.

Slow Travel & Remote Working with Kids

Do you think you could pull off remote working with kids? Today’s guests Will and Jessica Suero are discovering just how it works for their family.

It started with a summer in France. Will tried working remotely for his company, and this experiment with location independence was such a success that they spent the next year strategizing how they could continue traveling and working remotely with kids indefinitely.

Since then, they’ve lived in Costa Rica and Ecuador, and are now planning their next move to…where? Tune in and find out!

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  • 02:36 What convinced them for location independence life with kids
  • 12:02 Initial planning, and how that compared to moving country the 2nd time
  • 21:52 Thoughts on medical care abroad
  • 24:01 Working and Money management
  • 33:58 Their gear for family travel and location independent
  • 43:12 Creating a “mobile office”
  • 47:27 Why one child is homeschooled, while the other is in a conventional school
  • 54:55 Resources
  • 57:51 Netflix, VPN and video content on the road, and the importance of VPN
  • 60:12 The importance of their US phone numbers and how they kept it cheaply

Slow Travel and Remote Working with Kids. #EER050: Interview with SueroWHO THEY ARE:

  • Names: Will and Jessica Suero, their daughter Avalon and son Largo
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Long-term slow-travel and remote working with kids
  • A few places they’ve been: Costa Rica, Ecuador




EER050: Slow Travel and Remote Working with Kids

EER050: Slow Travel and Remote Working with Kids

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