EER052: Family Travel via Home Swapping & More

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EER052: Family Travel via Home swapping & More. The Daniel Prince family

Let’s talk home swapping. It’s different than house sitting, which is another popular way for families save money on travel. Home swapping is all about trading houses with someone for a week, a month, or even longer. The process goes by many names — home exchange, flat exchange, holiday swap and vacation exchange, to name a few — but the idea is the same: trading your home for someone else’s, and then no one is paying extra accommodation fees. The result saves families thousands of dollars a year.

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Daniel Prince and his family have traveled the world via home swapping, and he explains how it works in this Epic Education Interview. Sure, his vacation home in Koh Samui, Thailand gives him an exceptional advantage in the vacation exchange and holiday swap game, but Daniel makes a great case for how nearly anyone with a house or apartment somewhere can use home swapping to their advantage. Hear him out, especially the part where he won a bet against a reporter who doubted him during an earlier interview.


  • 03:07 Intro & origins as a traveling family
  • 06:50 Their home swapping story & home swapping explained
  • 13:18 Home swapping examples
  • 17:09 Education for the kids
  • 26:00 Social life on the road
  • 30:23 Travel gear
  • 34:09 Tip for luggage when flying low-fare airlines
  • 39:04 How they use Minecraft for education & engagement


  • Names: Daniel Prince, his wife, Clair and their children Kaitlyn, Sophia, Lauren & Samuel
  • Hold passports from: the UK
  • Type of travel: Lived in Singapore for 15 years before last 2 years of full-time travel via the sharing economy by home swapping / home exchange
  • A few places they’ve been: Thailand, Cambodia, France, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Dubai and many more.


  • Sansys Multiple USB port
  • iPad mini
  • iPod Touch
  • MacBook Air
  • “Our beloved Toyota Landcruiser, which we now have in France with us and takes us everywhere! The Beast!”



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Home swapping: Family travel via home exchange. EPIC EDUCATION RADIO PIN
EER052: Family Travel via Home swapping & More. The Daniel Prince family
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