EER054: Working Online in Southeast Asia With Kids

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Could you move to Southeast Asia with kids? It’s a great place to travel, but what would living and working there be like?

EER054: Working Online in Southeast Asia With Kids

Many parents want to work online. Many of those same parents want to travel in Southeast Asia with kids. Sheralyn and Paul Guilleminot have found a way to do both! You might remember that Sheralyn has been a guest before: her last interview was published almost exactly a year ago. Now fast-forward 12 months to today, and team Guilleminot are still on the road, with a lot more experience and insight to share.

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EER054: Working Online in Southeast Asia With Kids

Working Online in Southeast Asia with Kids

Speaking from their present base near Hanoi, Vietnam, Sheralyn tell me about working online in Southeast Asia with kids, and about what they’ve learned as a digital nomad family. Listen in as we discuss writing for a living, education, the social life of traveling families, working online and our favorite places to visit in Southeast Asia with kids.


  • 5:22 Intro & Travel Origins
  • 7:25 Advice on where to go in Southeast Asia
  • 10:21 Penang
  • 12:22 Green Space and fresh air in SEA
  • 19:55 Social life for parents & kids
  • 23:14 Moving to Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • 25:00 Money & working online in Southeast Asia With Kids
  • 29:44 How parenting views changed after a year of travel
  • 31:30 Thoughts on education and online resources


  • Names: Sheralyn Guilleminot, her husband Paul, and their two boys
  • Hold passports from: Canada
  • Type of travel: Indefinite slow travel
  • A few places they’ve been: Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam



  • Penang
  • Siem Reap
  • EcoPark, Vietnam


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EER054: Working Online in Southeast Asia With Kids

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