EER057: Running a Business in Mexico with Kids

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Visiting Mexico with kids can be loads of fun. Running a business and living in Mexico with kids is even better. At least that’s what it sounds like when I talk with Crystal Blue.

EER057: Running a Business in Mexico with Kids. Crystal Blue pyramid

Running a Business in Mexico with Kids

Based in Tulum, Mexico, Crystal and her daughter River have traveled all over the world — and continue to travel multiple times a year with their business: Enlightened Global Adventures. “The main goal of Enlightened Globetrekker is to show the world that we can operate in the mindset of inhabiting one world without borders, and extending that philosophy to our children as well…Just because we are born somewhere does not mean that is where we are meant to stay all all our lives. Borders are only political.”

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EER057: Running a Business in Mexico with Kids PIN

Life in Mexico with Kids

Listen in as Crystal tells me about how their travels, their social life, the role of the Spanish language in their lives and how she use travel and the local school system to educate her daughter.


  • 03:44 Introductions
  • 05:11 Their home base in Tulum, and how their company & education work together
  • 07:40 What worldschooling means to them
  • 12:14 Learning and using Spanish
  • 15:27 Social life in Mexico with kids and while on the road
  • 20:30 The origins of her business and working in Mexico with kids
  • 29:58 What’s in their bags


  • Names: Crystal Blue and her daughter, River, a.k.a. “Rio” (8 years old)
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Living in Tulum, Mexico, with monthly trips to Guatemala, Greece, Croatia, Nepal and elsewhere. (“Building a new retreat center as a homebase for Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures in Valladolid, Mexico. Totally sustainable with solar, Mayan laborers, permaculture gardens, etc. Completed February 1, 2017″).
  • A few places they’ve been: Marshall Islands, Australia, Nepal, Malaysia, Spain, France, Mexico, Guatemala, Norway, England, India, Switzerland, Thailand


  • Bikinis
  • Cressi Snorkels & Masks
  • Keen Shoes
  • Rubber Ducky Sunscreen (“Biodegradable for cenotes and fragile ocean reefs. Strong because [we’re] always out in sun. Does not rub off, waterproof, natural, and the most effective. We always have one of these sunblock sticks in our daypacks for lips and face.”]
  • Tika Headlamps
  • HP Laptops (“Broken, still working like a champ. I always get HPs.”)
  • Scarves & Sarongs
  • Patagonia jackets (“I love Patagonia gear for the Himalayas, windproof, always warm.”)
  • River’s clothes: “a mix of hand-me-downs from readers, flea markets in Mexico, bikinis from Brazil, and fancy trends from shops in France. Its all about balance. “



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EER057: Running a Business in Mexico with Kids PIN

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