EER060: The challenges and benefits of homeschooling and travel

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Many can name some of the benefits of homeschooling. Jen Miller certainly can, but she’s also well aware of the trials and obstacles that present themselves face when one chooses an unconventional approach to education for their child. Add in four children and a life of full-time travel, and you can begin to imagine just how big — and important — the job can be


Enter Jen Miller. I’ve been reading Miller’s work since 2012, when I started researching our own leap into homeschooling and full-time travel. Jen and her family haven’t stayed in one place for more than six months since 2008, and she has educated all four children the entire time.

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EER060: The challenges and benefits of homeschooling and travel

The Challenges and Benefits of Homeschooling

Speaking from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Miller talks about her own homeschooling routines and how they’ve changed over the years. She isn’t “anti-school,” and has spoken at length about the importance of finding the right learning style for your own children, but here I ask her about the benefits of homeschooling and how they have implemented it in their family. Listen in as we discuss teaching philosophies, time-management, and the true benefits of homeschooling while traveling.


  • 05:53 Intro
  • 08:15 Work before and after full-time family travel
  • 10:42 Where the kids are now
  • 12:48 Early homeschool routines and philosophies
  • 17:36 How her teaching style changed
  • 19:40 Different children, different personalities, different learning styles
  • 22:15 Discipling & getting kids to learn what they’re not interested in
  • 26:24 Thoughts on unschooling
  • 29:03 Finding materials & acquiring live teachers
  • 31:09 Time management & work-life balance
  • 34:28 The transition from conventional school to something else


  • Names: Jen Miller, her husband Tony, and their four kids, now 13, 15 18 and 20
  • Hold passports from: USA and Canada
  • Type of travel: Full-time travel for 8 years, never staying in one place for more than 6 months since 2008
  • A few places they’ve been: Too many to mention


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EER060: The challenges and benefits of homeschooling and travel


  1. Just getting to listening to this now. Love Jenn Miller’s work and travel/schooling philosophy! Thanks for another informative podcast, Jason!