EER061: Planning Family Travel Tips

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EER061: Planning Family Travel Tips

Planning family travel can be challenging, but as Cindy Bailey can attest, giving yourself enough time to plan family travel can be very important. For Cindy and family, they gave themselves four months to uproot from suburbia for two years —perhaps longer. She says six months would have been better, but she learned a lot about planning family travel in a very short time.

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EER061: Planning Family Travel Tips

Planning Family Travel: Long or short-term

In this Epic Education Interview, I talk to Cindy about all the steps they took to leave their home in the United States and begin a life of family travel. Speaking from Lovina Beach in the north of Bali, Indonesia, Cindy has lots of actionable advice and useful travel tips to share. We talk about travel gear, homeschooling and travel resources, banking and many other planning family travel tips.


  • 05:15 Intro & the trip
  • 09:00 Travel origins & transition from suburban life.
  • 15:23 Recommended credit cards & services 15:04
  • 20:06 Habits, routines & economics
  • 26:30 Budgeting & the advantages of longer-term travel
  • 28:14 Gear & travel equipment
  • 36:34 Education approach & recommended apps


  • Names: Cindy Bailey, her Husband, Pierre Giauque, their son Julien (10) and daughter Lily (4)
  • Hold passports from: USA & Switzerland
  • Type of travel: Round-the-world / Long-term slow travel
  • A few places they’ve been: Spain, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia




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EER061: Planning Family Travel Tips

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