EER063: Travel Photography and the Best Hotels for Kids

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What are the best hotels for kids? Eric Stoen has a few he could suggest. From luxury family resorts in Mexico and the African continent to quirky boutique hotels in Europe and beyond, Eric takes his kids everywhere, and is an exceptional travel photographer and family travel blogger.


In this Epic education Interview, I talk to Eric about some of his favorite family resorts and child-friendly hotels for kids. In addition to family hotel recommendations, we also talk about camera equipment, his top travel gear picks and how he secures the best hotel deal for a family of five. Eric also describes how he minimizes the stress of travel day, and his love of one-on-one travel with each of his kids. Listen in! And please share.

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EER063: Travel photography and the best hotels for kids Eric Stoen PIN


  • 04:04 Introductions
  • 06:10 Traveling one-on-one with kids
  • 11:20 What happens when a kid gets lost
  • 13:18 Making the travel process as easy as possible
  • 15:33 United 1K and Global Entry explained
  • 19:45 What he looks for in a hotel
  • 22:34 Hotels that get family travel right (3 of his favorite hotels for kids)
  • 27:49 Travel gear (Luggage & Clothing)
  • 32:03 Travel Gear (Photography)
  • 34:59 Traveling with kids and big cameras
  • 37:37 Camera bag
  • 44:13 Resources & the value of contacting hotels directly


  • Names: Eric Stoen, his wife, and their three kids (now 6, 8 and 10).
  • Hold passports from: USA & Ireland
  • Type of travel: Short-term travel, and one-on-one travel with one child at a time.
  • A few places they’ve been: 100+ destinations in 41 countries and all 7 continents including Antarctica, China, Bora Bora, Palawan, Tanzania, Easter Island and all over Europe.




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EER063: Travel photography and the best hotels for kids Eric Stoen PIN
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means, at no extra cost to you, we might receive a small commission if you make a purchase or book using those links. My opinions are my own and I only recommend places/services that I believe will genuinely help your travel.


  1. Hi there! Firstly, thank you for your inspiring podcasts, we recently discovered it and enjoy listening in during dinner 🙂 However I have to admit this episode irritated me. I appreciate that your guests are diverse and of course there are many ways of traveling with kids. Only this interview left one aspect in the open that would have been very interesting: You always talk about finances with your guests but not with Eric, or did I miss it? Flying business with family?? Ok, maybe his airline status makes it possible but still, according to what I hear (and afterwards read on his blog) he frequently stays in upscale hotels and he and his family always take part in quite fantastic activities. That’s all fine, I just feel it funding should have been addressed in your interview as I felt there was this elephant in the room (wealthy background? Well paying job?) and you were both acting as if traveling the way he does was the most normal thing in the world. Just my modest opinion 😉

    • Hi Rike! Thanks for your message. I’m glad you enjoy the show and sorry that you found this episode irritating. As you noted, my guests come from a wide range of travel styles, backgrounds, and budgets. Each guest travels differently and has different insights. In this particular episode, I wanted to talk most to Eric about his camera gear (he’s an amazing photographer) and about the family-friendly hotels he has stayed in. I hope you keep listening, and finding more enjoyment in more shows. Thanks again for chiming in!