EER065: Living in an RV with kids

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Michael and Crissa Boyink have been living in an RV with kids since 2010. Covering much of the USA, they’ve seen 41 states so far, and have no plans of stopping any time soon.

EER063: Living in and RV with kids

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Back for their second show, I consider the Boyink family like “returning champions.” They are still living in an RV with kids, but their oldest — now 19 — has moved out on his own.

We talk about traveling with teens and watching them become their own people. They also describe their company and how they find extra work and reduced costs through working at the campgrounds and RV parks where they stay on this brand-new episode of Epic Education Radio.

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EER063: Living in an RV with kids_Boyink_2


  • 05:02 Family intro
  • 08:09 Work Camping and Camp Hosting explained
  • 14:36 Michael’s work
  • 18:03 Finding work on campgrounds
  • 22:25 The types of RV’ers they’ve seen (ages, faiths, etc)
  • 26:26 RV travel with teens
  • 39:34 RV’ers and Walmart parking lots
  • 40:35 Faith, campground and redefining what “church” means for them
  • 52:40 Routines


  • Names: Michael & Crissa Boyink and their daughter Miranda (18). Their son Harrison (19) struck out on his own about a year ago.
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Full-time RV travel. Living in an RV with kids since 2010
  • Where they’ve been together: 41 states in the USA so far (just added Nebraska since this interview was recorded!)



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EER063: Living in an RV with kids_Boyink_2

EER063: Living in and RV with kids

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