EER070: Long-term Family Travel with Health Issues

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Travel with health issues is a big concern for many people. Traveling for kids with serious health issues can be an even more challenging subject. For some people, health problems stop their travel dreams. For the Tatransky family, they found a way around it.

EER070: Long-term Family Travel with Health Issues tatransky


Lucie and Karel Tatransky have three kids. Two of them have congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a medical condition that can mean life or death if their parents aren’t prepared. So did Lucie and Karel give up on their dream to travel with kids? No. Instead, they prepared. Now they’re driving around Europe.

Listen in as Lucie describes how they travel, what they carry with them to be fully prepared for family travel with health issues. She also discusses education, her work, and resources for travel.

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EER070 Long-term Family Travel with Health Issues

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  • 05:40 Kite surfing in Spain
  • 06:33 Intro
  • 08:22 Origins
  • 11:17 What they sold, and what they brought
  • 16:38 Family travel with health issues
  • 21:32 Their work & working on the road
  • 30:45 Working with kids around/Time management
  • 32:09 Their approach to education
  • 34:53 Online/Offline resources
  • 37:46 Travel essentials
  • 45:06 Destinations


  • Names: Lucie Tatranski, her husband Karel, and their three children (8, 6 & 3)
  • Hold passports from: Czech Republic
  • Type of travel: Digital nomad travel (presently via car)
  • A few places they’ve been: Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Macedonia, Germany and more.




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