EER073: Worldschooling and Family Travel after a Crisis

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Worldschooling is getting a lot of attention today, and well it should. On today’s episode, I talk with Jen Silver about how her family discovered worldschooling after the real estate crash and a number of other personal tragedies made them reassess their family’s life and education.

EER073: Worldschooling and Family Travel after a Financial Crisis

Worldschooling and Family Travel

What is worldschooling? Well, it’s defined differently for different people, but in general, worldschooling is using the “world as your classroom.” Jen Silver is now an administrator of the largest Worldschooling group on Facebook. Today she talks about how worldschooling and family travel have guided her and her children into a more meaningful, “Silver-lining” life.

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The Worldschooling Approach

Jen’s approach to worldschooling does not come at the cost of their children’s education. Both she and her husband had very successful academic and business careers (Jen: MENSA member, colleges at 15, attended Cornell & Wharton School of Business, Dan: graduated with a 4.0 summa cum laude Masters from Berkeley). However, they realized that the conventional process of schools, university and career was not the only way to achieve a successful life.

Instead, Jen says that “We want to teach our kids about investing, business ownership (we have started a company with them), residual income, creative pursuits, volunteerism, and multiculturalism. We prioritize giving them the skills that we feel will give them the best chance at financial freedom and personal health and happiness, hopefully with a concern for the world and those who share it.”

Listen in as she explains their long journey, and their present approach to worldschooling and life, including a HUGE list of resources.


  • 04:16 Intro & Origins
  • 15:02 Starting RV
  • 17:30 Kids’ perspective
  • 22:39 An intro to homeschooling in North Carolina
  • 24:55 Creating community
  • 31:18 Work and funding travel
  • 40:32 Managing money and living frugally
  • 55:54 More on education and worldschooling
  • 1:07:33 Online resources
  • 1:15:48 Recommended destinations


  • Names: Jen Silver, her husband Dan, and three kids: 14, 12 & 5 and a half. Oldest son (Alex, 29) lives on his own in Montreal.
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: RV travel, backpacking, worldschooling
  • A few places they’ve been: Italy, Greece, Turkey, and other places in the EU / all of the USA in the RV. Alex has also traveled in Europe, Japan, and Costa Rica.




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EER073: Worldschooling and Family Travel after a Crisis PIN 1

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