EER082: One Year of Family Travel Interviews — Epic Education Radio

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Looking for family travel interviews? We’ve got’em. This marks the first full year of Epic Education Radio, and here are a few family travel interview highlights.

EER082: One Year of Family Travel Interviews — Epic Education Radio

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One Year of Family Travel Interviews

As 2016 comes to a close, I want to wish you an amazing new year and also give you a short guide through one full year of amazing family travel interviews.

In this episode, I walk through one family travel interview at a time. I’ve learned a lot from my guests, and I stop on some of these family travel interviews to talk about a few things I’ve learned from guests. There are a few excerpts, as well. I hope you find these family travel interviews and conversations as inspiring and useful as I do.

On the left is the timecode. On the right are the links to the relevant episodes.

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03:41 — Travel with a Babies 

These family travel interviews touched on what it’s like to fly or travel with a baby.

  • 03:59 — Episode #38: Andrew Davis talks about who naps trump lunch in Barcelona
  • 05:02 — Episode #49: Conrad & Regina Braun talk about the versatility of duct tape
  • 06:14 — Episode #72: Matt Urbanski talks running marathons & traveling vegan with a baby
  • 06:51 — Episode #77: Sharon Gourlay talks about “the younger the better”

Want more about families who travel with babies? Or with preschoolers?

08:37 — House Sitting & Home Exchange Family Travel Interviews

In these family travel interviews, the guests talked about their experience with home exchanges or house sitting with kids.

Want about house sitting and family travel accommodation?

16:00 — Round-the-world (RTW) & Gap Year Travel

I’ve have more than one family travel interview dealing with Gap Year and round-the-world travel. Here are two of them.

  • 16:27 — Episode #44: Maria Belfort and RTW travel with a preschooler
  • 17:06 — Episode #42: Jason Marshall on the importance of life insurance and the investment in education through travel.

Want a more about gap year and round-the-world travel?

20:50 — Education During (and via) Travel

Education on the road is one of the most important topics for traveling families. Most of my guests talk about their approach to education as some point in our conversation, but these three family travel interviews in particular focus on education more than others. 

  • 21:24 — Episode #56: Caroline King talks about leaving Sweden’s school system for good
  • 21:50 — Episode #73: Jen Silver discusses Worldschooling after a family crisis
  • 22:36 — Episode #60: Jennifer Miller discusses the importance of educational philosophy before methodology.

Want more about families who homeschool or who travel with tween and teens?

25:50 — Long-term Travel, Slow Travel & Digital Nomads

Over half of the guests on Epic Education Radio are traveling for extended periods of time. Some are traveling slow, staying in one place for long periods of time. Others work online as they go. Then there are many who are traveling indefinitely, or for a set amount of years. The below two family travel interviews are just the tip of the iceberg. 

  • 26:26 — Episode #45: The Luxpats talk Fulfilment by Amazon and more
  • 27:29 — Episode #50: The Suero family talk about medical care abroad 

Want a more complete list of families who travel long-term, work online, or travel as digital nomads

31:21 — Families that Live or Moved Abroad

Rather than simply taking a trip and returning, many of Epic Education Radio guests choose to relocate overseas. Some families have chosen one country or city and have stayed there, while others (like us) choose to live in one place for a while, and then move on to the next place. I mention all of these family travel interviews in the podcast, but there are more. 

  • 31:26 —Episode #36: The Workmans built a business in Costa Rica
  • 31:41 — Episode #39: Liisa Vexler on living in Costa Rica
  • 31:59 — Episode #55: Dan Sherman in Panama and Cancun, Mexico
  • 32:17 — Episode #57: Crystal Blue built a global business based in Tulum, Mexico
  • 32:59 — Episode #59: Scottie & Bryan Elliot on living in San Miguel de Allende
  • 33:26 — Episode #37: Virginie Auguste-Dormeuil in Rome  
  • 33:44 — Episode #76: Anne-Cerise Luzy on living in Vanuatu
  • 34:11 — Episode #47: Emma Hall on living & working in Korea 
  • 34:26 — Episode #43: Amanda Moutakki in Morocco — culture shock
  • 36:27 — Episode #51: Keri Hedrik on using Instagram to find out family travel info

Want a more complete list of families who live abroad? Want to hear about our experience moving to Spain?

38:24 — Families Who Travel During Work & School Breaks

You don’t have to quit your job and sell everything to have meaningful travel with kids. Many of my guests still have houses, office jobs and kids in local schools. In each family travel interview you see below, you hear how one parent prioritizes family travel.

  • 38:42 — Episode #40: Cliff Hsia on importance of family travel
  • 38:58 — Episode #41: Rob Taylor on car seats, saving for travel & more
  • 39:23 — Episode #63: Eric Stoen on camera gear and what makes a family-friendly hotel
  • 40:08 — Episode #64: Mark Wyld’s accommodation tips and hi “3-3-3-5” packing rule.

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42:23 — RV, Car & Boat Travel

Not all family travelers fly from point A to point B. In fact, quite a few navigate the way on their own. Here are a few of the family travel interviews dealing with sailing, RV travel, and driving. 

Want a more about sailing, RV travel and overland travel?

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