EER083: Active Holiday Family Travel with a Drone

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Holiday family travel with a drone? Intense, perhaps, but rewarding. That’s one of the ways the Wagar family gets the most out of their journeys. Here Kevin Wagar shares his experience.

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Holiday Family Travel with a Drone & More

Many Epic Education Radio guests travel for extended periods of time. Some are gap year travelers, slow travelers or other long-term travelers. Others are trying round-the-world travel or living abroad. However, you don’t have to sell everything and leave town to experience meaningful family travel. Previous guests like Cliff Hsia, Mark Wyld, Eric Stoen all have homes, jobs and kids in school, but when they travel, they make the most of it.

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The Wagars do something similar, balancing work, schools, and sports teams while planning epic family travel with a drone and other technologies that help them capture amazing family travel memories.

Listen in if you’re interested in travel gear, camera gear, overcoming the fear of family travel, and a few of the rules of family travel with a drone.

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  • 2:55 Intro
  • 4:05 Origins as a traveling family (Kevin wasn’t a natural traveler at first)
  • 6:53 I mentioned when my kids overcame fear when we first started traveling
  • 7:42 Travel habits and committing to travel time
  • 14:51 Travel gear
  • 19:38 Family Travel with a drone
  • 24:10 Travel day routines
  • 28:35 Travel resources
  • 34:26 Recommended destinations


  • Names: Kevin and Christina Wagar and their two young sons
  • Hold passports from: Canada & Philippines
  • Type of travel: Short-term travel during vacation time
  • A few places they’ve been: Jordan, Iceland, and Argentina




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EER083 Intense Holiday Family Travel with a Drone PIN

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